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Senate Commerce Committee proves that bipartisanship doesn’t have to equal terrible transportation policy

The Senate committee tasked with handling the rail portions of the larger transportation bill managed to produce a bipartisan bill that also makes the expansion of reliable, frequent rail service to more Americans a cornerstone of its approach.

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Thank Chairman DeFazio for his leadership on the INVEST Act

11 Jun 2021 | Posted by | 1 Comment |

After a marathon session, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved the INVEST in America Act on Thursday with bipartisan support. Help us send a message of thanks to Chairman Peter DeFazio for his work advancing this groundbreaking bill. The Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Rep. Peter DeFazio, was instrumental in constructing […]

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Build transit back better with more trains, more buses, more frequency

As more Americans begin returning to work and daily life, we need transit to be there, running reliably and frequently, getting us where we need to go. There’s an exciting new proposal to fund increased transit service across the country, but time is short to build support for this important legislation. While the INVEST 2.0 […]

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Nine ways the House’s transportation proposal starts to make a “paradigm shift”

With the House’s INVEST in America Act being considered in committee on Wednesday, it’s a good time to look at what else beyond our core three principles in the bill are worth praising and potentially even improving.

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New House transportation bill goes 3 for 3 on T4America’s core principles

Late last week the House released their new five-year proposal for transportation policy and spending, known as the INVEST in America Act. By focusing on making tangible progress on outcomes like repair, safety, climate change, and access to jobs and services—rather than just asking for more money for more of the status quo—House leaders have again proposed a paradigm shift in how we spend transportation dollars and measure what they accomplish.

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House transportation proposal focuses on updating nation’s outdated transportation policy to get better results

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s proposal for long-term transportation policy makes repair, safety, climate change, and access to jobs and services core goals for the bill’s spending, rather than as nice add-ons— taking a dramatically different approach than the Senate proposal.

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Introducing Benito Pérez, T4America’s new policy director

2 Jun 2021 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

Transportation for America is pleased to announce that Benito Pérez, a veteran of the District Department of Transportation in Washington, DC, is joining the staff as the new policy director.

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Interstate rail commissions get projects done. A new bill will create more of them

Last month, Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-9) introduced legislation that would create interstate rail compacts across the country. This bill is inspired by the success of the Southern Rail Commission, a compact of states along the Gulf Coast that teamed up to restore passenger rail service destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

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How both Democrats and Republicans alike traded away their principles for bipartisanship in the Senate’s transportation proposal

Last week, Democrats and Republicans in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee unanimously passed a transportation reauthorization bill that would make reducing emissions, improving safety, and providing equitable access impossible. It’s clear that Democrats traded in their goals for “bipartisanship.” But so did Republicans.

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Release: Transportation for America on Republicans’ second infrastructure proposal

28 May 2021 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

“We’re disappointed to see Republicans—again—fail to provide any real infrastructure policy proposal, opting instead for small amounts of funding pumped through the broken transportation program.

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