Policy Platform

Principles for Infrastructure Investment

It’s past time to elevate the national conversation about infrastructure beyond just the price tag

We spend nearly $40 billion in federal tax dollars every year, which fails to bring us equivalent returns. The more we spend, the more that congestion, emissions, and pedestrian fatalities seem to rise.

We spend billions while failing to address our most basic need: getting people where they need to go safely and efficiently. More money alone will not suffice without accountability for measurable or tangible accomplishments.

We need a new plan beyond “spend more money.” Whether a standalone infrastructure plan or a multi-year authorization, T4America has three simple principles for any comprehensive federal investment in transportation:

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These principles and expected outcomes will help us achieve measurable, tangible, concrete outcomes from the transportation program. We’re used to not expecting measurable results from the dollars we spend. It’s time to change that.

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