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Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you need to know about it? Visit our hub for the new law.


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  • A parking lot hosts three cars and dozens of empty spaces
    Does your community have too much parking? Here’s how to find out.

    Many communities are either “overparked” (meaning they have too much parking) or are inefficiently allocating their existing parking resources. By...

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  • A group of people representing a range of ages, genders, and ethnicities, stands in a circle beneath a highway overpass, with the sun rising in the background
    Rays of hope: National City, CA’s Community Connectors story

    After many decades of being divided by highways, community members in National City, CA are building capacity to reconnect their community in a project...

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  • Black and white aerial image of a highway separating a neighborhood from a row of businesses
    Two years in, progress still needed for reconnecting communities

    In March 2024, the Office of the Secretary at USDOT announced awards for the Reconnecting Communities Program. This program is intended to improve access...

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  • Two children wheel materials down a closed street as multiple generations work together to install small barriers to protect road users.
    “Short-term action, long-term change”: How quick builds are bringing innovation to safe streets implementation

    Quick-build projects prioritize affordable, rapid, and temporary solutions to inaccessible and unsafe streetscape conditions. Through this approach to...

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  • The sun rises behind the U.S. Capitol, casting the dome in a golden glow
    Congressional briefing emphasizes electrification and public transit to meet climate goals

    54 years since the first Earth Day, the US is still focusing on highway expansion. In light of increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, due in part to...

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  • A freeway laces through Seattle as smog descends on the city's skyline
    There’s a climate cost to America’s freeways, and it’s not paid equally

    The environmental impacts of the Interstate Highway System continue to harm communities of color through health hazards, pollution, and displacement.

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  • Electric vehicles & smart growth
    Electric vehicles & smart growth

    This page includes all of our resources on how to reduce emissions in an equitable way—and that path includes the EV transition.

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  • Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework
    Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework

    Much of the discussion about alternatives to the gas tax in recent years has focused on the idea of “fairness”—ensuring that…

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  • Divided by Design
    Divided by Design

    Examining how today’s transportation measures, models, and practices were shaped by the racist history of the 1950s and 60s, and…

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  • Community Connectors portal
    Community Connectors portal

    Transportation for America’s Community Connectors portal provides tools and information for advocates to decode the complex and confusing…

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  • Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law
    Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

    The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you…

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  • Driving Down Emissions
    Driving Down Emissions

    We'll never reduce our emissions without reducing how much we drive.

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