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We need a new plan for transportation beyond “spend more money.” Our three simple guiding principles are concrete, measurable, and have outcomes attached.
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The current federal transportation law originally expired in September 2020 before being extended temporarily. The reauthorization process that comes only once every five years is an enormous opportunity to change the status quo.
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To help make transportation issues more transparent and understandable, we produce easy-to-understand reports, graphics, interactive features, maps, and other resources.
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  • Bag of money
    USDOT controls $200+ billion in competitive grants for states and metros

    While the bulk of the $643 billion for surface transportation in the infrastructure bill goes out to state DOTs, more than $200 billion stays with USDOT...

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  • TransportationCamp DC ’22 in the rearview

    Last weekend, we hit "Leave Meeting" on another virtual TransportationCamp DC, the annual unconference that brings together advocates, planners, engineers...

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  • road sign that says "changed priorities ahead"
    USDOT urges states to prioritize repair, safety, and climate with their influx of infrastructure bill cash

    Although state DOTs have always been free to prioritize repair, safety, or improving access for everyone across the entire system, most have traditionally...

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  • graphic showing comparison data between fast act and infrastrucure bill
    Show me the money: Financial breakdown of the infrastructure law

    A month has passed since the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal was signed into law. There is much to unpack as to exactly how much money there is for the...

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  • Reducing emissions with better transit, part two: Improve transit access

    Increasing funding for transit operations is a vital first step to help more people drive less, but there’s an equally important next step: connecting...

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  • TransportationCamp DC 2022: Everything you need to know about joining the virtual unconference

    On January 8, 2022, transportation advocates, experts, and organizers working on transportation issues in the DC region and at the national level will...

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  • A guide to creative placemaking in transportation
    A guide to creative placemaking in transportation

    Creative placemaking is an approach to harness the power of local culture and arts to cultivate genuine public engagement on critical…

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  • COVID and the Curb
    COVID and the Curb

    Here's how cities adapted their curbside management strategies to support public health and small businesses during COVID-19

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  • Driving Down Emissions
    Driving Down Emissions

    We'll never reduce our emissions without reducing how much we drive.

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  • Learning from the 2009 Recovery Act
    Learning from the 2009 Recovery Act

    We have six recommendations to make sure that any future infrastructure stimulus actually creates new jobs.

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  • The Green New Deal for Transportation
    The Green New Deal for Transportation

    Polling shows that Americans want more options than just driving. The Green New Deal for Transportation can get us there.

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  • The Congestion Con
    The Congestion Con

    The U.S. spends billions to "relieve congestion." But building new and widening existing highways only makes traffic worse.

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