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Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you need to know about it? Visit our hub for the new law.


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  • Now Hiring — Policy Associate

    Transportation for America—a program of Smart Growth America—is seeking a skilled and motivated individual with knowledge and interest in transportation...

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  • press release
    Transportation for America Applauds Long-awaited USDOT GHG Rule

    The GHG emissions measure will require U.S. states and territories to measure and report transportation-related emissions on federal roadways. WASHINGTON...

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  • A passenger train crosses a bridge near coastal California cliffs
    Transit’s physical cliff: Climate change

    California and New York State Legislatures voted to save transit from the fiscal cliff in 2023. While a win for transit can be a win for the climate, changing...

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  • A man with dark hair and sunglasses rides a Capitol Bikeshare bicycle down a painted bike lane near a treelined sidewalk.
    Catching the e-bike wave

    Electric bikes have enormous potential to deliver affordable, clean, healthy and space-efficient transportation to the masses, but the feds and too many...

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  • An electric scooter charges at the curb in front of a warmly lit storefront at night
    Don’t curb your e-thusiasm: Charging and the curb

    Electric vehicle charging at the curb presents unique challenges to meet equity, accessibility, and eligibility for federal programs.

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  • An adult and small child cross the street at night without a crosswalk while cars approach
    Road feels unsafe? DOT says prove it!

    In the United States, where and how traffic deaths occur are painfully predictable. But even with historically high levels of funding available, traffic...

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  • Electric vehicles & smart growth
    Electric vehicles & smart growth

    This page includes all of our resources on how to reduce emissions in an equitable way—and that path includes the EV transition.

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  • Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework
    Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework

    Much of the discussion about alternatives to the gas tax in recent years has focused on the idea of “fairness”—ensuring that…

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  • Divided by Design
    Divided by Design

    Examining how today’s transportation measures, models, and practices were shaped by the racist history of the 1950s and 60s, and…

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  • Community Connectors portal
    Community Connectors portal

    Transportation for America’s Community Connectors portal provides tools and information for advocates to decode the complex and confusing…

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  • Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law
    Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

    The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you…

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  • Driving Down Emissions
    Driving Down Emissions

    We'll never reduce our emissions without reducing how much we drive.

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