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Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you need to know about it? Visit our hub for the new law.


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  • A cyclist travels down a busy highway on their way to Baltimore.
    We need to expand the conversation on transportation safety

    We can’t significantly address safety concerns if we’re not looking at the most dangerous modes of transportation.

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  • Passengers prepare to board an Amtrak train
    From excitement to reality: Implementing passenger rail on the Gulf Coast

    Federal advocacy and allies were essential to turning local momentum for passenger rail from New Orleans to Mobile—set to reopen this very year—into...

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  • A crowd of people gathers by an Amtrak train, a U.S. flag waving above them.
    Building momentum for a national passenger rail network

    After the setbacks of the late 90s and early 2000s, passenger rail advocates along the Gulf Coast were not discouraged. Through the work of a Regional...

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  • The U.S. Capitol from Pennsylvania Avenue, with people walking and driving on the road in the foreground
    Two federal bills for better transit service

    The Moving Transit Forward Act, introduced by Senators Chris Van Hollen (MD) and John Fetterman (PA), seeks to bolster public transit nationwide. While...

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  • Crowds form to hop on East Link line trains on their first day running in downtown Bellevue
    The East Link showcases progress and enthusiasm for public transit

    On April 27, 2024, Sound Transit opened up the East Link light rail line for riders to connect from Redmond to Bellevue, and ultimately to Seattle. The...

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  • Pedestrian deaths are up by a staggering 75 percent since 2010

    The 2024 edition of Dangerous by Design is out now, combining federal data with lived experience to unpack the connection between roadway design and the...

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  • Electric vehicles & smart growth
    Electric vehicles & smart growth

    This page includes all of our resources on how to reduce emissions in an equitable way—and that path includes the EV transition.

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  • Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework
    Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework

    Much of the discussion about alternatives to the gas tax in recent years has focused on the idea of “fairness”—ensuring that…

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  • Divided by Design
    Divided by Design

    Examining how today’s transportation measures, models, and practices were shaped by the racist history of the 1950s and 60s, and…

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  • Community Connectors portal
    Community Connectors portal

    Transportation for America’s Community Connectors portal provides tools and information for advocates to decode the complex and confusing…

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  • Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law
    Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

    The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you…

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  • Driving Down Emissions
    Driving Down Emissions

    We'll never reduce our emissions without reducing how much we drive.

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