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Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you need to know about it? Visit our hub for the new law.


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We make complex transportation issues more understandable through easy-to-understand reports, graphics, and interactive features, and other resources.

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  • A group of people in business professional attire gathers in a room talking and smiling over drinks
    Join us for Smart Growth Social!

    The Coalition for Smarter Growth’s Smart Growth Social is coming up on October 24, 2023! This year, we’re partnering with CSG to bring you a night...

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  • An empty gas station with rows of abandoned power blue pumps glowing with neon lights in the middle of the night
    Beyond the pump: Evaluating fresh approaches to transportation funding

    Current state gasoline taxes aren’t enough to cover our transportation funding needs. Evaluating alternatives needs to involve taking five key principles...

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  • A black SUV is plugged into a charger at a numbered parking spot inside a parking garage.
    Share the spark with EV carshares

    Electric vehicle (EV) carshare is an effective strategy in speeding the transition to zero emissions transportation, providing more affordable transportation...

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  • A black EV charges on the side of a tree-lined street. In the background, a construction crew in orange vests mingles on a wide sidewalk with bike parking.
    We can advance EVs and smart growth at the same time

    Many climate advocates and pro-climate decision-makers are focused on electrification as the primary, or even only, emissions reduction solution in the...

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  • People in business and casual attire gather on a platform to board an AVE train in Madrid.
    Amtrak’s path to world-class service

    US passenger rail was the envy of the world at the turn of the 20th century. As global temperatures rise, and with the growing need to enhance intercity...

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  • Now Hiring — Policy Associate

    Transportation for America—a program of Smart Growth America—is seeking a skilled and motivated individual with knowledge and interest in transportation...

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  • Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework
    Gas tax alternatives: A policy evaluation framework

    Much of the discussion about alternatives to the gas tax in recent years has focused on the idea of “fairness”—ensuring that…

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  • Divided by Design
    Divided by Design

    Examining how today’s transportation measures, models, and practices were shaped by the racist history of the 1950s and 60s, and…

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  • Community Connectors portal
    Community Connectors portal

    Transportation for America’s Community Connectors portal provides tools and information for advocates to decode the complex and confusing…

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  • Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law
    Guide to the 2021 infrastructure law

    The bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law now governs all federal transportation policy and funding through 2026. What do you…

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  • Driving Down Emissions
    Driving Down Emissions

    We'll never reduce our emissions without reducing how much we drive.

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  • The Congestion Con
    The Congestion Con

    The U.S. spends billions to "relieve congestion." But building new and widening existing highways only makes traffic worse.

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