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Looking back on a rich day of learning at TransportationCamp 2023

Just before the start of the 102nd annual (and massive) Transportation Research Board meeting in downtown DC, more than 300 passionate and knowledgeable transportation pros and advocates gathered on the other side of the river in Virginia (with over 100 more tuning in online) for an incredible day of spontaneous learning. Here’s a few things we learned or heard.

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How DC’s local transportation trends emerged within TransportationCamp DC

11 Jan 2023 | Posted by | 1 Comment |
Shabazz Stewart giving keynote on stage at transportation camp with audience in foreground

Last Saturday, we hosted more than 300 people for TransportationCamp DC at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. This “unconference” lends attendees the mic to discuss their transportation passions, ideas, and concerns with other advocates and experts. TCamps are also products of their local context, so here’s a quick glance at some of the issues that emerged—through that specific local lens.

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Hybrid TransportationCamp DC, explained

TransportationCamp DC 2023 is quickly approaching, and we’re excited to see what you all have to bring to the table. TransportationCamp is an “unconference,” which means that you, the participants, will determine the agenda by proposing and leading sessions. This year, we’re doing things a little bit differently with a hybrid format that uses virtual and in-person sessions.

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How to present at an unconference

TransportationCamp DC is coming back as a hybrid event on January 7, 2023. This “unconference” is a place where attendees get to set the agenda and lead the conversation. Here are the top 4 pieces of advice for people interested in proposing a session.

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Five things to know about TransportationCamp DC

5 Oct 2022 | Posted by | 0 Comments | ,
Calvin Gladney faces a crowd of seated attendees

TransportationCamp DC is an annual opportunity to connect with experts, practitioners, and students all at once. It’s coming back on Saturday, January 7, 2023 at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. Here are the top five things you need to know about the popular “unconference.”

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TransportationCamp DC ’22 in the rearview

Last weekend, we hit “Leave Meeting” on another virtual TransportationCamp DC, the annual unconference that brings together advocates, planners, engineers, students, and everyone else passionate about transportation to share ideas and chart a path for the year ahead. To help you get a sense of what it was like, we’ve compiled reflections from staff and volunteers, plus some of our favorite tweets from the day.

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TransportationCamp DC 2022: Everything you need to know about joining the virtual unconference

On January 8, 2022, transportation advocates, experts, and organizers working on transportation issues in the DC region and at the national level will come together for TransportationCamp DC, a day-long “unconference” about practice, ideas, and opportunity.

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We’re taking TransportationCamp online! Join us on Saturday, January 16th

23 Nov 2020 | Posted by | 1 Comment |

With public transit and passenger rail in fiscal crisis, cities and towns redesigning their streets to accommodate social distancing, and a new president preparing to take office, we need TransportationCamp DC more than ever. Join this annual unconference online on Saturday, January 16th to discuss the fight for better transportation in our new pandemic world.

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TransportationCamp DC in the rearview mirror

TransportationCamp DC 2020 was last weekend, and while it was a huge success, it almost didn’t happen at all. More than 500 people were there on Saturday and the waitlist topped 100. The creativity and energy on display was awesome. Recapping such a dynamic event is a challenge, but we collected some short reflections from staff who were there to help give you a feel for what we saw and felt on Saturday if you weren’t able to attend.

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TransportationCamp DC is definitely happening! Join us on Saturday, January 11th

14 Nov 2019 | Posted by | 7 Comments |

Transportation for America is taking over TransportationCamp DC 2020, bringing back this popular annual event. We’re excited to host over 500 movers and shakers committed to transforming transportation. Will you be there?

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