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Now Hiring: Arts & Culture/Outreach Associate

Transportation for America seeks a creative, personable, and detail-oriented individual to serve as an Arts & Culture/Outreach Associate, who will assist in building SGA/T4A’s creative placemaking practice, help with growing & executing the organization’s outreach, arts-oriented public engagement and local capacity building projects, and communicate with local partners as well as members in an outreach and relationship building role.

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What does it mean to be a smart city?

What does it mean to be a smart city? Though the definition is certainly evolving and will continue to do so, it’s important for municipal leaders and advocates in aspiring smart cities to begin developing a good answer to this basic question.

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Now Hiring: Communications Intern (paid)

Transportation for America is hiring a paid Communications Intern to produce and write compelling stories and content, help manage our website and social media channels; and contribute to our grassroots advocacy and media work focusing on smart investments in transportation.

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Proposed federal rules for measuring and addressing congestion in states and metro areas generate widespread opposition

Led by Smart Growth America (SGA), Transportation for America and the National Complete Streets Coalition, a broad coalition of business groups, local elected leaders, national and local organizations and thousands of individuals filed formal comments last week urging USDOT not to incentivize transportation projects that would punish cities investing in public transportation, treat main streets like highways, ignore the needs of people walking or biking, and push local communities of all sizes to waste billions of dollars in vain attempts to build their way out of congestion.

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How can the arts and design help neighbors envision the future?

Developing an inclusive vision for a community’s future is challenging work and it frequently suffers from not including enough voices. What role can artists and designers play in improving the visioning process? Join us for the first in a new series of webinars further exploring the role of arts and culture in transportation planning and community development.

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Illinois legislature passes new policy that will aid the financing of transit projects

A new state policy in Illinois will make it easier to finance the construction and expansion of transit service across the state, making it easier for much-needed projects to go forward in the Chicago region.

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Introducing a new suite of resources to support transit-oriented development

In December, Smart Growth America announced a new initiative to help communities across the country advance transit-oriented development (TOD) projects to grow their economies, achieve their social equity goals, and improve quality of life for everyone. As part of this initiative, yesterday SGA launched TODresources.org, an online hub for national information and ideas that will help users develop outstanding transit-oriented development projects.

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Introducing Planning for a Healthier Future

22 Jun 2016 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

Planning for a Healthier Future, a new resource released by T4America, helps metro areas find ways to use performance measures to improve public health, address social equity concerns, and advance environmental quality.

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Transportation for America & Conexión Américas named as finalists for ArtPlace America’s 2016 National Creative Placemaking Fund

Today, ArtPlace America announced that Transportation For America and Conexión Américas’ proposal to creatively engage underserved communities in Nashville, Tennessee along a planned bus rapid transit corridor is one of just 80 projects being considered for ArtPlace America’s incredibly competitive 2016 National Creative Placemaking Fund.

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National media applauds T4America and Sidewalk Labs partnership

The announcement of our new partnership with Sidewalk Labs was met with approbation and excitement—take a look at some of the excerpts.

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