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Restoring Buffalo’s “Emerald Necklace”

Humboldt Parkway, once home to vibrant public space, was destroyed by the Kensington Highway, displacing over 600 families and leaving a concrete gash through Buffalo’s network of city parks. With federal support, the Kensington Expressway project aims to reconnect the community.

The rendering below is not an accurate depiction of the Kensington Expressway project. After hearing from local advocates, we’re working to uplift the on-the-ground experience that paints a different picture than the one we initially shared.

In the meantime, take a look at this article that sheds more light on the situation in Buffalo and check the rest of our case studies that demonstrate the right way to heal the divides caused by divisive infrastructure…and the stories where those efforts have gone wrong.

A park extends down the center of two narrow streets
NYSDOT rendering of the Kensington Expressway Project