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Cities’ priorities must be the heart of any universal curb standard. These 5 principles pave the way.

ities and towns face a massive hurdle to managing their curb space: the lack of a uniform way to define the curb and its users. Without a universal curb standard, it’s difficult for local governments to coordinate with each other and private entities and assess the effectiveness of their curbside management policies. Participants in our Smart Cities Collaborative joined together to develop five principles that should inform any universal curbside language and standards.

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If we want equitable smart cities, we need support from philanthropy

Everyone agrees that smart cities—places that deploy technology to deliver government services and improve quality of life—are the future. City leaders and staff are inundated with these new mobility products but have limited capacity to ensure that they are deployed in ways that lead to equitable and sustainable outcomes. Our director Beth Osborne explains why cities, states, and non-profit actors need philanthropic support to pursue policy research and projects that make equitable, sustainable smart cities a reality.

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The best thing about the Smart Cities Collaborative is the peer-learning, says Oakland’s Warren Logan

Next January marks the third cohort for T4America’s Smart Cities Collaborative. This time around, a steering committee of former Collaborative members is helping us shape the program. Warren Logan, the Policy Director of Mobility and Interagency Relations at Oakland Mayor’s Office, talked with us about what makes the Smart Cities Collaborative so valuable to city officials. 

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We’re now accepting applications for the Smart Cities Collaborative

The Smart Cities Collaborative is back! We’re now accepting applications from cities to join our third cohort. We’ve learned a lot since we launched the Smart Cities Collaborative in 2017—notably, that in order to benefit from new mobility technologies, cities need to understand how to leverage a critical but often-ignored asset: the curb. Curbs are where transportation […]

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If you want to be a “smart city,” ask these 3 questions first

New transportation technology is not inherently good. Cities that want to be “smart” need to make sure that technology helps achieve their goals.  All the rage in the transportation world is “new mobility,” the idea of incorporating new technologies—like shared scooters and app-based ride-hailing—into urban transportation ecosystems.  E-scooters and autonomous vehicles are undoubtedly cool. But […]

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Walking through questions about our new Playbook for Shared Micromobility

With the help of representatives from two cities, T4America staff a few weeks ago walked through our new Playbook for effectively managing shared micromobility services like dockless bikes, electric scooters, and other new technologies.

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T4America’s new “playbook” provides an evolving guide for how cities can manage shared micromobility services

Produced in collaboration with 23 cities, Transportation for America today released a new “Playbook” to help cities think about how to best manage shared micromobility services like dockless bikes, electric scooters, and other new technologies that are rapidly being deployed in cities across the country.

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Seven things to know about our last Smart Cities Collaborative meeting of 2018

Last week in Atlanta, Georgia we wrapped up our second cohort of the Smart Cities Collaborative with the fourth meeting of 2018. Once again, staff representing cities, counties, transit agencies and other public sector agencies from 24 cities gathered together to share their experiences and learn how others are using technology and new mobility to become better places to live.

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Lyft is paying people to ditch their cars. Will it work?

9 Oct 2018 | Posted by | 1 Comment | ,

Lyft recently expanded its “ditch your car challenge” to 35 new cities, offering residents credits for transit and various shared mobility services in exchange for giving up their car for one month. Whether this will be good for cities, and what role they should play in it, remains an open question.   This year, companies […]

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“Deciding what kind of city we want to be” with the Smart Cities Collaborative

While fighting to stay ahead of a transportation and mobility landscape that changes by the day, 70+ people representing 23 cities gathered in Pittsburgh last week for the third meeting of our Smart Cities Collaborative to band together to solve problems and learn from each other.

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