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T4A Advisory Board Member testifies before Congress on the power of passenger rail as an economic catalyst

The success of Uptown Normal’s (IL) multimodal station as a catalyst for redevelopment was center stage as Normal Mayor Chris Koos testified before the House Oversight Committee last week.

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The details on the Davis-Titus amendment to the House transportation bill to increase the funding going to local communities

Two Representatives championing the cause of giving local communities more control over their transportation dollars have introduced a modified plan in the House to steer more federal transportation dollars directly to local communities — a plan they hope to have incorporated into the House’s draft transportation bill being marked up in committee this Thursday.

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Senators and reps respond to locals’ pleas, introduce bill to steer more money to local transportation needs

Yesterday afternoon, a bipartisan group of senators and representatives released a bill that will give local communities more access to, and control over, a share of the federal transportation dollars that flow into their states.

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Rep. Shuster and Sec. Foxx address the importance of local control in today’s Twitter town hall

In what was billed as the “first Twitter town hall with a Congressional committee chair and a cabinet secretary,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster sat down together and held an hour long Twitter town hall meeting to hear questions from the public about the reauthorization of the country’s transportation law and the upcoming insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

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Representative Dina Titus announces bill promoting greater local control at Las Vegas event

At a press conference yesterday in Las Vegas, Rep. Dina Titus introduced her constituents to her bipartisan bill to give local communities across the country greater access to federal transportation funds.

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Governing Mag on the compelling case for more local access to transportation dollars

As the impending insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund looms over the nation’s transportation projects, more and more local leaders are asking for the chance to be heard when it comes to doling out federal transportation money.

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The details on a new bill giving locals greater access to their federal dollars

Last week we reported on the introduction of an important bill to expand local access to federal transportation dollars, the Innovation in Surface Transportation Act (H.R. 4726). Today we want to provide a little more detail about how the proposed new grant program would work.

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Finally, a bill to give locals more access to their federal transportation dollars

Most taxpayers would agree that the level of government closest to the people should have more control over how transportation dollars get spent in their local communities. Yet local cities, towns and counties control less than 15 percent of all federal transportation dollars.

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New bill would give local communities greater access to federal transportation funds

A new bill introduced yesterday would give Local communities across the country greater access to federal transportation funds to invest in their homegrown transportation plans and projects — answering one of the most consistent requests we hear from our coalition of local leaders and officials across the country.

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Reps. Rodney Davis and Dina Titus step up to meet burgeoning demand for more local transportation funding

Photo courtesy of Town of Normal

Yesterday, Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) announced a new bill to give local communities across the country greater access to federal transportation funds they can invest in innovative projects to boost local economies via a new in-state competitive grant program.

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Special announcement coming tomorrow from Normal, Illinois – stay tuned!

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