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On National Walking Day, too many Americans are still having to endure unsafe streets

While we missed recognizing National Walking Day last week while the Complete Streets conference was happening in Nashville, we wanted to come back this week and revisit a post from 2012 looking at what’s actually keeping more people from walking in many of our metro areas.

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Help show just how dangerous our streets can be for people walking

This fall, our colleagues at the National Complete Streets Coalition will release Dangerous by Design 2016, a report that will again rank the nation’s most dangerous places to walk using the Pedestrian Danger Index. This year’s report will dive deep into how income, race, and place play an outsized role in how likely people are to be killed while walking. And they’re looking for your help when it comes to illustrating just how bad it can be out there.

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In Hill event, local leaders make case for federal support for transportation needs

Before a packed room on Capitol Hill, local leaders from three very different communities shared one very specific message with a handful of Congressmen and at least four dozen staffers: If Congress doesn’t act to shore up the nation’s transportation fund before it goes insolvent later this year, their cities and communities would bear the brunt of the pain.

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Its National Walking Day, but too many people will have to walk unsafe streets

You may not have known it — its not the most publicized special day on the books — but today is National Walking Day. Some of you may have traded part or all of your drive or transit trip today for a walk to work. But for many, every day is walking day, and it happens on streets with dangerous or inconvenient conditions that no one should have to endure just to walk to school, their job, or the grocery store.

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Photos of dangerous streets have been streaming in

After putting out the call far and wide for pictures of streets designed for speeding traffic at the expense of safe travel by people on foot or bike, we’ve been getting some great — and by great, we mean frightening and terrible — photos of inconvenient, poorly-planned, dangerous and downright hostile conditions for pedestrians. Here […]

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Raquel Nelson’s story may be rare, but the dangerous conditions are not — show us

Many of you were shocked by the story of Raquel Nelson, the single mom in Atlanta charged with vehicular homicide when her son was killed while crossing an unsafe street with her. While shocking, head-scratching stories like hers are thankfully rare, it’s emblematic of the road design in many places that we live, and we want to make sure that Congress gets that picture loud and clear. We want to show them that roads like Austell Road by Raquel Nelson’s apartment — 4 lane speedways with few considerations for pedestrians — are far too common. So send us your photos of dangerous, unsafe and poorly planned streets out there across America.

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Biking the freeze?

7 Jan 2010 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

The Streetsblog Network is working on another slide show, this one seasonally appropriate. It’s time for another Streetsblog Network slide show. This time, in honor of the frosty weather enveloping much of the country (and the world), we’re looking for your pictures of cycling in inclement conditions. Snow, ice, extreme cold — we know that […]

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T4 America health fly-in participant meets Senator Barbara Boxer

Fourteen-year-old Julia Lopez, a childhood wellness advocate from Los Angeles, CA, met California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer in the Capitol yesterday. Lopez is in Washington, D.C. to participate in Transportation for America’s “health fly-in” to speak with Congressional representatives about the link between and health and transportation.

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Streetsblog wants your eyes on the street

24 Sep 2009 | Posted by | 0 Comments | ,

From our partners at the Streetsblog Network, we wanted to pass along a cool request. The Streetsblog Network, the hub for bloggers across the country writing about sustainable transportation and livable streets issues, is on a quest for pictures from all four corners of the country. The deadline for this series of photos is next Tuesday, so take advantage of the (hopefully great!) weather where you are this weekend and get some great new photos. Here’s the announcement from Network editor Sarah Goodyear.

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Using some creativity to get around in Atlanta today

22 Sep 2009 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

You’ve likely seen the news coverage out of Atlanta yesterday and today, where torrential rainfalls over the last week resulted in massive flooding in Atlanta and surrounding counties. A couple of enterprising folks made the best of the disastrous situation, finding another mode of transportation for getting around. This is the Krog Tunnel that runs […]

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Seattle opens new light rail system, residents get a new “Link”

Seattle opened a new light rail system this weekend, and it was a smashing success by all accounts. Ridership from the inaugural weekend was over 90,000, and the system is settling into normal revenue service today. Read all about it from fellow Streetsblog Network member Seattle Transit Blog, and check out a huge batch of photos from opening weekend in their Flickr group pool.

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