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Favorable responses and coverage for the bipartisan Senate plan to raise the gas tax

As soon as Senators Murphy and Corker introduced their bipartisan plan yesterday to raise the gas tax by 12 cents, supportive statements starting flowing in and media outlets quickly picked up the news.

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Streetsblog wants your eyes on the street

24 Sep 2009 | Posted by | 0 Comments | ,

From our partners at the Streetsblog Network, we wanted to pass along a cool request. The Streetsblog Network, the hub for bloggers across the country writing about sustainable transportation and livable streets issues, is on a quest for pictures from all four corners of the country. The deadline for this series of photos is next Tuesday, so take advantage of the (hopefully great!) weather where you are this weekend and get some great new photos. Here’s the announcement from Network editor Sarah Goodyear.

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Stay up-to-date on transportation with Streetsblog Capitol Hill

We’re happy to announce that our good friends at Streetsblog have launched Streetsblog Capitol Hill — a new site delivering news on transportation with an insider’s knowledge but an outside-the-beltway voice — to help make sense of the complicated process of making federal transportation policy. It’ll be a daily read for all of us here at Transportation for America, and we’ll be pointing you to their content from time to time. Drop by and say hello to Elana and their new team.

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