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Biking the freeze?

7 Jan 2010 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

The Streetsblog Network is working on another slide show, this one seasonally appropriate.

It’s time for another Streetsblog Network slide show. This time, in honor of the frosty weather enveloping much of the country (and the world), we’re looking for your pictures of cycling in inclement conditions. Snow, ice, extreme cold — we know that you’re out there riding in it. At least some of you.

Here’s your chance to show unbelievers how fabulous cold-weather riding can be. Or, if you’re watching from the sidelines, go ahead and snap a few pictures of some of the bundled-up folks you see braving the freeze.

Here’s more information on how to send yours in to Streetsblog. Below is a photo from right here in D.C. to give you some ideas, from Eric Gilliland in the Transportation for America Flickr group.

_DSC0132 Originally uploaded by Eric Gilliland
Washington Area Bicyclists Association director Eric Gilliland snapped this shot of a brave soul out biking on the day in December when nearly two feet of snow were dumped on Washington, DC.

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  1. James D

    13 years ago

    Absolutely suicidal. If you skid too much, you’re off. I normally cycle everywhere, but I ride the bus when it’s snowy/icy.