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“This budget is disappointing but not surprising”: T4America statement on President Trump’s 2021 budget request

Upon the release of the president’s budget request for FY2021, T4America Beth Osborne offered the following statement:

“With enormous potential to reshape the way Congress and the public think about transportation policy, the President’s FY 2021 budget follows his past budgets, cutting transit, rail and safety for those walking and biking while stressing highway funds require no accountability. It is particularly striking that the very small dedicated program for those outside of a car is eliminated, especially when we consider those who might not have access to personal vehicles: children, some seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income workers. 

“The budget fails to prioritize repair first—the number one priority for the vast majority of Americans. It actively harms safety, cutting an extremely important program for those outside of cars. And it does nothing to consider how well the transportation system connects people to jobs and services, especially those that do not have access to a personal vehicle.

“As federal transportation policy expires this September, we’re eager to work with Congress on a better proposal for investing in the country’s infrastructure. We continue to hope that the President joins the effort to address repair needs, safety for all people on our roadways and connecting all people to jobs and services.”