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Driving less needs to be included in #CoveringClimateNow

18 Sep 2019 | Posted by | 3 Comments |

We’re thrilled that over 220 media outlets have dedicated this week to #CoveringClimateNow. But when it comes to transportation, we’re worried that electric vehicles and improving fuel efficiency—two critical methods of reducing transportation emissions—will get more attention than the simple need to reduce driving overall.

Transportation emissions are rising despite the gains we’re making in electric vehicle adoption and fuel efficiency. That’s because vehicle miles traveled (VMT) have been increasing every single year.

We don’t want VMT to be left out of #CoveringClimateNow. Here are four resources to make covering the need to drive less easier.

  1. Our blog post on how federal transportation policy undermines any progress on climate

  2. Our one-pager on the connection between transportation and climate change
  3. Our one-pager on why electric vehicles and fuel efficiency are not enough on their own to reduce emissions sufficiently.

  4. Our one-pager on how federal transportation policy can address climate change


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  2. Monica Calvillo

    5 years ago

    There is no climate change…this is all disinformation to scare people ! These greedy bastards only want your money! More money isn’t going to solve any problems They are only going to shove it into their pockets! Special this and special that fund! If the Transportation Department would stop creating more taxes & highway congestion with there not so smart streets, express lanes, HOV lanes, what a joke. You are all a bunch of criminals lying to the public about climate change just to make it too expensive to drive! I guess people just like to be ripped off otherwise they wouldn’t put up with your BS! Or they are just too stupid to realize that climate change is all a scam and it is actually weather modification! And carbon dioxide is not a pollutant!

  3. John Smith

    5 years ago

    Here, you can borrow my tin foil hat.