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Drop in driving growth is likely permanent, FHWA acknowledges, compounding the threat to transportation revenues

9 Jan 2015 | Posted by | 2 Comments | , , , ,

Following years of the gas tax losing its value due to inflation and a vehicle fleet becoming more efficient, a federal transportation agency has finally issued a more realistic projection of future driving that ensures that today’s gas tax won’t be a sustainable funding source for transportation investment.

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What happens when driving rates continue to drop?

The typical American drives less today than at the end of Bill Clinton’s first term and the millennial generation (16-34) is leading the charge. But how likely is that trend to hold in the future? And if it does, what does that say about what we should be building, and how we will pay for it, if not with the gas taxes raised from driving? A game-changing new report seeks to answer the first question, and to fuel a conversation about the second.

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Debunking some myths about the gas tax in a new report

4 Jan 2011 | Posted by | 2 Comments | , , ,

A new report out today contains some fascinating facts about the federal gas tax – a subject sure to be of great contention as this new Congress tries to decide whether to raise it and how best to spend it. “Do Roads Pay for Themselves? Setting the Record Straight on Transportation Funding,” a report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

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