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So what do you want from transportation?

21 Jan 2011 | Posted by | 2 Comments | ,

We noticed that the folks at AASHTO are asking all their visitors to weigh in and “tell Congress” what they want to see in a transportation bill, and more broadly, what they think we need to be building and doing with our transportation dollars. During the six-week campaign, people can use AASHTO’s Facebook page to […]

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Reports from AASHTO and U.S. PIRG highlight an unsustainable transportation status quo

Two reports out this week speak, in quite different ways, to the urgent need for a fresh approach to federal transportation policy. In “Road Work Ahead”, U.S. PIRG sounds the alarm on the escalating deterioration of America’s infrastructure and the need to get serious about repair and restoration. The “Unlocking Gridlock” report from AASHTO emphasizes the problem of congestion in our increasingly urbanized nation, offering highway expansion as the solution.

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