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Our series on local successes continues: Normal, Illinois

In cities, towns and suburbs across the country, local leaders are responding to new economic challenges with innovative plans for their transportation networks, including taxing themselves to make their visions a reality. But they can’t do it alone and need strong federal and state partners to make it work.

This inspiring story from Normal, Illinois that goes live today is one that we’ve been following here for quite some time.

Normal’s story is the third in our ongoing series of stories that illustrate how local communities across the country are casting a vision for transportation investments and often putting their own skin in the game first with local funding while hoping for a strong federal partner to make those plans a reality.

And that’s just what Normal found through the federal TIGER program.

(Don’t miss the short video we produced on Normal’s story, viewable on the full profile page linked below. -Ed.)


Normal, Illinois

Normal-Round-About-II For Cover

A medium-sized city in central Illinois was one of the first to utilize a new, experimental program of competitive federal transportation grants to help implement a city-backed, city-led plan for revitalizing their downtown with a new transportation and civic centerpiece for the town.

It’s a successful model of exactly the kind of investments the federal transportation program should be supporting, and proof that it’s not always just big projects in big cities leading the way.

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