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Transportation for America congratulates Congress on adopting a 2014 budget with solid funding for transportation

Responding to House and Senate adoption of a comprehensive 2014 federal budget, Transportation for America Director James Corless issued this statement:

“The leaders and members of both houses – and both parties – deserve enormous credit for joining together to adopt a comprehensive budget in strong, bipartisan fashion.


This return to regular budgetary order will help establish the funding stability our economy needs, and that is nowhere more true than in transportation. The budget compromise reaffirmed the critical government role in providing a safe, reliable transportation network, and it provides solid funding to programs that allow local communities to move forward with projects important to their economy and quality of life.


With our transportation trust fund approaching insolvency, we hope this bipartisan achievement lays the groundwork for the critical debates ahead over funding and renewing our national transportation program as it nears its September expiration.”