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Good Magazine visualizes the United States of Transit Cutbacks

Good Magazine published their “transportation issue” last week, covering some of the current debates over where, why, and how to spend money on transportation. You might have caught the superb graphic of what makes a livable street that they produced for the issue in collaboration with our friends at Streetsblog.

Today, they posted this terrific visualization of our map of transit cuts. As you know, driving is down and ridership of public transportation is at record highs. Yet transit agencies across the country are facing layoffs, service cuts and fare hikes at a time when people need their services more than ever.

Click the graphic to see the full-size version from Good Magazine.

Good Magazine Transit Cuts

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  1. David "Buster" Fitzpatrick

    15 years ago

    Something’s gotta be done about the current financial situation with this country’s transit industry before we start seeing such ghastly things like streetcar/light rail light lines being abandoned for the sake of saving money. Unlike the 1930’s more people are riding urban rail transit than ever before that I fear that we’re turning our country into a third world nation for supposedly saving money. Is that money being saved with the cutbacks and fare increases really being used to cover costs or is it being used to line the pockets of those head local and state governments so that spend on more on highways , prisons, and other equally “neo-con” projects? There are people like me cannot drive any more for physical and/or (in my case)mental reasons. It’s obvious to me that the state and local as much as the federal governments need to get away from both the prison/industrial complex and car culture-oriented transportation policies