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Release: Transportation for America on Republicans’ second infrastructure proposal

28 May 2021 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

Statement from Transportation for America director Beth Osborne on the Republicans’ second infrastructure proposal 

“We’re disappointed to see Republicans—again—fail to provide any real infrastructure policy proposal, opting instead for small amounts of funding pumped through the broken transportation program. This plan will pour billions into efforts that have failed to make a dent in our maintenance backlog, while increasing our financial liabilities far into the future. 

“Republicans also want to hamper public transportation’s role in connecting people to jobs and services—critical as we strive to equitably rebuild our economy—by cutting transit funding by $15 billion over eight years. There is hardly anything worse we could do when trying to get people back to work than removing an essential form of jobs access to those struggling financially. 

“This proposal’s total lack of policy changes necessary to ensure that we’re spending money on the right things and massive cuts to essential transportation for essential workers is the exact opposite of what our country needs right now, and we hope that Republicans reconsider this proposal yet again.” 

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