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Transportation for America’s statement on surface transportation policy extension

Late last week, Congress and the President extended federal surface transportation policy for one year after failing to reform and reauthorize the program this year before its expiration on September 30. Transportation for America released the following statement: 

“With this extension, we now have another year to enact real reform that will save lives, prioritize maintenance, and improve access and connectivity,” said Beth Osborne, director of Transportation for America. “Will Congress use this time to double down on the status quo and simply have a debate about money, or will they take advantage of this generational opportunity to truly reform the program? Congress must not waste this valuable time. A more modern transportation program is essential to an equitable economic recovery and a cleaner transportation system that no longer is the leading sector in greenhouse gas emissions. Congress must find a way to meaningfully address these issues and others by reforming our country’s transportation policy.”

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  1. James Pakala

    7 months ago

    The USA needs to join Europe, Japan, China, and others in having plenty of fine rail passenger service. We spend untold billions to send somebody to Mars but starve Amtrak and today have a pitiful amount of rail passenger service compared to most of the world.