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Join us on Thursday for an inside look at transportation reauthorization in Congress

The current federal transportation bill will expire on July 31, 2015, with the nation’s transportation fund reaching insolvency near the same time. Join us Thursday for a public conversation about what’s likely to happen in Washington and what it all means for your community. 

In the coming weeks Congress will likely be negotiating an extension to MAP-21 before its July 31 expiration while also debating the policies in a long-term transportation bill — a process that has already started. How will the decisions made in Congress and the current political landscape impact local transportation projects, Complete Streets, and transit-oriented development?

Join Smart Growth America and Transportation for America for a special open conversation about what’s happening right now in transportation policy this Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 4:00 PM EDT.

You can register for the event here.

Hear from Joe McAndrew, Policy Director at Transportation for America; Christopher Coes, Director of LOCUS; and Stefanie Seskin, Deputy Director of the National Complete Streets Coalition. Each speaker will focus on a different aspect of the current negotiations.

The federal transportation bill will have huge implications for development across the country. Join us on Thursday to learn more about where Congress currently stands and what you can do to help shape the debate.



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  2. LMW

    9 years ago

    2015 is the year. The previous years has allowed many people to stand up for certain things that effected their way of life. From our ability to keep our homes to affording housing, afford education tuition and repayment plan, job certainty, and economic certainty. All of our issues that were centered within the global financial collapse. Built without future forecasting, that the very needs required with our wonderful new communities that people depended on would fall into a very long cautionary pause of wait and see. I hope it is priority at the top of our members who make it happen for Transportation it should be realized that we must fund the transportation platforms and with greater transparency, accounting, and improved thorough observations and its new age of shared information through Technology we must push Transportation into a new category and raise the sector above and parallel with National
    Security. Any implementations in security should have a radar around our developments with the need to realize the communities freedom to live with a quality of raised standards after we all witnessed the financial hardships were avoidable if we simply asked the appropriate questions and language is placed at its most simple form. The right top down mechanisms that brought us OUT of the crisis should hold behaviors necessary for observations and the ability to afford the infrastructure should be a priority input at the Federal Reserve consideration of interest rates and when and why we don’t see the opportunities of possible balancing of a complex system that is needing governing. Many sacrifices were done through out the country and our Justice Department has reported with evidence the very good reasons transparency and accounting are important to sustain all sector networks and their ability to also share the needs for improving and identifying key areas of where help is needed everywhere. Today I believe our economist should be speaking up for transportation and if we don’t raise standards in Transportation we must wonder what our aim is within climate change and how we think an economy can grow. As a stay home mom I took with great passion to care about sidewalks for my children’s school and that passion grew and allowed me to see the significance of our Transportation network and the many people who are it.

    Lavern M Wilson
    California Parent