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If you see nothing else this spring, you’ve got to watch the trailer for ‘Infrastructure!’

11 Mar 2015 | Posted by | 1 Comment | , ,

On his late night HBO show, the British comic John Oliver took up the cause of our nation’s infrastructure — with help from some Hollywood A-listers (and a couple suggestions from us). 

Goodness knows we’ve tried to get America’s attention on the issue, and no matter how many catchy infographics or compelling reports full of eye-popping statistics we produce, they’ll never reach as many people as Hollywood does with even the most mediocre movie.

That was John Oliver’s conclusion on his weekly show: Hollywood has been blowing up our infrastructure for decades, and viewers will turn out reliably to watch the destruction time after time in Die Hard 9 or The Day After the Day After Tomorrow. Oliver decided that what we really need is a blockbuster movie that can make routine preventive maintenance on a bridge just as awesome as Bruce Willis can make blowing it all up with a F-22.

Watch the whole segment, but the explosive trailer for a sure-to-be Hollywood summer blockbuster starts around 17 minutes in.

We were delighted to be able to provide some background information to the show’s producers as they prepared the piece, but they never told us about the movie. Next time, maybe we should trade information for a few minor roles in the actual movie?

1 Comment

  1. Wren

    9 years ago

    OH God I love John Oliver!
    I think he single-handedly made the difference in our response during the comment period to the FTC about net neutrality.
    And now, he is doing the same to wake us all up to MAINTENANCE as in ACTION!
    He does his homework, and then makes us laugh as he spoon feeds us ours.