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Who’s leading on transportation planning? Find out in ‘The Innovative MPO’

10 Dec 2014 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

America today is a metropolitan nation: More than 85 percent of us live in metro areas large and small, and that makes planning for metropolitan areas more critical than ever.

Metropolitan planning organizations, or MPOs, are the organizations responsible for this planning, and if done well their work can help a region thrive.

Fortunately, the last several years have seen a surge in innovative thinking and practice among MPOs, and their work has inspired a new guidebook out today from Transportation for America.

The Innovative MPO is designed to give MPO staff, policymakers, technical and advisory committees, and other interested stakeholders innovative ways to achieve goals on behalf of their communities. It offers a range of recommended actions in planning, programming, technical analysis and community partnership, from those that cost little in staff time or dollars to more complex and expensive undertakings.

Download the Guidebook

Not familiar with MPOs? The guidebook also offers a section called “MPO 101,” which offers a brief history of relevant federal statutes and regulations and an overview of the various ways MPOs are structured, funded and administered.

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Get an inside look at The Innovative MPO during our kickoff webinar, happening today at 1 PM EST.

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Join the webinar to learn about the tools in this guidebook from the report’s primary authors. You’ll also hear about the real world applications of this work from MPO staff in regions highlighted in the guidebook. We hope you’ll join us this afternoon.