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Statement congratulating Senator Baucus on his appointment as the U.S. Ambassador to China

The U.S. Senate Thursday confirmed Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) as U.S. ambassador to China, with Sen. Ron Wyden poised to become the next chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In response to these developments, Transportation for America Director James Corless issued this statement:

On behalf of Transportation for America and our alliance of local leaders across the country, I’d like to thank Senator Baucus for his dedicated service to Montana and the nation as the chairman of the Finance Committee, and longest serving member of that committee in the Senate’s history.

In that role and as chairman of the Committee on Environmental and Public Works Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Senator Baucus has been critical in shaping and passing the nation’s transportation bills over the past 30 years. He understands the value of having a national transportation system that is backed by a strong vision that builds for long-term economic growth and prosperity. The show of support by his colleagues in unanimously supporting his nomination yesterday speaks to the career he has had within the Senate, and we wish him well as our lead dignitary to China.

While Senator Baucus’ knowledge and long experience will be hard to replace, we are confident that incoming Finance Chairman Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon understands that the United States cannot have a first-rate economy with a second-class transportation system. We congratulate him on this new, pivotal role in Congress.

We look forward to working with him, even as we will miss Senator Baucus’ passion and wisdom in Congress.