Capital Ideas II

State transportation funding lessons from 2015 – challenges for 2016

Part II: Three notable funding and policy packages

Utah, Michigan and Virginia

As part of the work of our START network, T4America tracked and reviewed all state legislation proposed this year to raise new revenue to fund transportation, along with a wide array of legislation to reform the way these funds are spent. In this report we evaluate and highlight three specific bills that show how states can find success by building legislative packages and campaigns that stick to proven keys to success.

The first two bills from Utah and Michigan are funding-related, and the last is a policy-oriented bill in Virginia. We provide a more detailed overview of each bill, an overview of the road that led to passage and then evaluate each of the three bills against a combination of

  1. T4America’s guiding policy principles.
  2. T4America’s overall recommendations for successful state funding or policy legislation identified in our first Capital Ideas report.

Read the three state profiles

  • Utah
  • Michigan
  • Virginia