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State of the Art Transportation Workshops: Addressing local challenges with community-driven solutions

As part of the State of the Art Workshop, Bozeman’s participants ride the local Streamline bus to experience first-hand the challenges riders face. (Image: staff photo)

The participants from the 2018 State of the Art Workshop—Mariposa County, CA; Buffalo, NY; and Bozeman, MT—will share how arts organizations can work with transportation agencies to address unique transportation challenges and the impact that’s having in their communities.

With generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, T4America partnered with Americans for the Arts to help three communities build capacity among local arts and transportation agencies to better collaborate with each other. Through State of the Art Transportation Workshops, each community worked to integrate artistic and cultural practices into transportation projects. On Wednesday, March 6, we’ll feature workshop participants from Mariposa County, CA; Buffalo, NY; and Bozeman, MT in a webinar to share their stories.

Be sure to tune in to learn about the diverse role that art and culture can play in solving local transportation projects, from better engaging residents in planning a multi-use path in Mariposa County to helping the City of Buffalo better engage with artists and residents through the Buffalo Arts Council. Register for the webinar to hear more.

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Join us on the webinar at 2:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, March 6 to hear from these three communities, and how the State of the Art Workshop can play a role in your own community.