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Learn about asset recycling, a financing approach for infrastructure

With the current administration’s intense focus on public-private partnerships and ways to bring more private sector dollars into building transportation infrastructure, join us on August 16th for a discussion of a specific form of public-private partnership (P3) known as asset recycling. 

Asset recycling is the practice of selling or leasing existing, publicly-owned infrastructure and using the proceeds to pay for building or maintaining other infrastructure. While we like to point out that financing is not a replacement for direct federal or state investment infrastructure, it’s clear that the current administration and Congress are both eager to encourage more private dollars to flow into infrastructure investment and financing somehow.

Join us for this short webinar at 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, August 16th where we’ll discuss the strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls of this approach for transportation through three case studies from Australia, Virginia, and Chicago. We’ll consider some key questions, like whether this approach is realistic for rural communities and the ways it may or may not generate revenue as compared to more conventional public private partnerships.


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