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Webinar wrap: How artist-in-residence programs can embed creativity in city agencies

The second webinar in our series further exploring the role of arts and culture in transportation planning and community development was a terrific discussion of two cities’ artist-in-residence programs.

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On September 21, we had a great online discussion about artist-in-residence programs, hearing from experts and exploring some recently created and established artist-in-residence programs in city agencies.

  • Did you miss the webinar? Catch up with the full recorded presentation here.
  • Download the accompanying slide presentation here. (pdf)

Minneapolis, Seattle, Saint Paul, Boston, Los Angeles, and other cities across the US run artist-in-residence programs, embedding local artists inside city departments to promote creative thinking, attract attention to mundane but crucial municipal processes, and shift narratives about city residents and workers.

Rather coincidentally, and proving even further that these programs are topical, the New York Times published an article on NY Department of Sanitation Artist in Residence Mierle Ukeles yesterday. Finally, if you’re interested in following along with progress in St Paul’s City Artist program and LA DOT’s Artist-in-Residence program, visit their websites here and here.

Reminder: Have you browsed our new guidebook to creative placemaking yet? Visit Back in February, T4America launched The Scenic Route, an online interactive guide to creative placemaking in transportation to introduce the concept to transportation planners, public works agencies and local elected officials who are on the front lines of advancing transportation projects.This series of webinars is continuing to explore the role of arts and culture in transportation planning and community development. Catch up with the first one from August here.