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Join us as we break down FHWA’s most recent rulemaking on measuring traffic congestion

Do you want a transportation system that makes you count? Join Transportation for America for a free, public webinar on Wednesday, April 27 at 1:00 p.m. EST to discuss the recently announced Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) national transportation performance rulemaking on measuring traffic congestion and its implications for communities nationwide.

For the first time, USDOT has released new requirements for how states and metro areas will have to measure traffic congestion. However, the rule as proposed doubles down USDOT’s focus of prioritizing single occupancy vehicles over multi-modal solutions and completely discounts non-vehicular users. How we measure congestion matters, and this rule applies to the lives of all who use our transportation system.

Joe McAndrew, T4’s Policy Director, will cover what’s in FHWA’s performance rulemaking, a few high-level first principles to guide change, and how civic, business and elected groups can impact the outcome of this rulemaking.

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There’s a direct connection between how we decide to measure congestion and how we choose to address it. If we focus, as this rule does, on keeping traffic moving at a high rate of speed at all times of day on all types of roads and streets, then the result is easy to predict: our solutions will prioritize the investments that make that possible, regardless of cost vs. benefits or the potential impacts on the communities those roads pass through.

Sign up for Wednesday’s discussion, and in the meantime, here are ten things you should know about this new rule and what you can do about it.