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How much federal transportation money will your region lose this summer?

Fiscal Cliff Promo GraphicThe Highway Trust Fund—which provides most of the funding for highway projects in the United States—is slated to run bankrupt later this year. If that happens, the program won’t be able to pay for any new projects next year and many federal transportation projects will come to a grinding halt.

What will that mean for state and metro regions? On Wednesday, Transportation for America will release a new, original report looking at what will happen to communities across the country if the trust fund goes bankrupt.

The End of the Road? The Looming Fiscal Disaster for Transportation discusses how we got into this problem, what the impact will be, and what we can do to get out of it.

Join us on Wednesday at 3:30 PM EDT for a webinar kicking off the new research. Hear the results of this research from Transportation for America’s experts and learn about tools to help your community advocate for change.

Register for our webinar here: http://bit.ly/T4AEndoftheRoad

A funding crisis can be averted, but only if Congress acts to increase funding for transportation aimed at repairing and preserving our aging infrastructure and supporting locally driven projects that spur economic growth. Join us on Wednesday to learn more.