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Our Can-Do Places series continues: Denver

Denver: Betting on the future and seeing early returns

In cities, towns and suburbs across the country, local leaders are responding to new economic challenges with innovative plans for their transportation networks, including taxing themselves to make their visions a reality. But they can’t do it alone and need strong federal and state partners to make it work.

This story from Denver, Colorado is the second in our series of these stories that illustrate how local communities across the country are casting a vision and often putting their own skin in the game first with local funding while hoping for a strong federal partner to make those plans a reality.


Denver, Colorado

Faced with potential employers suggesting that the lack of transit connections were preventing Denver from realizing their economic development goals, the region’s leaders banded together and made  a bold bet on an ambitious and comprehensive plan to expand their transportation network a decade ago.

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Denver Sunrise Flickr photo by Dave Harpe /photos/daveharpe/10354670205/

Denver Sunrise Flickr photo by Dave Harpe /photos/daveharpe/10354670205/