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“I don’t know what this talk around DC is about livability not having anything to do with rural areas…”

28 May 2010 | Posted by | 0 Comments | , , ,

Earlier this week, we hosted 15 of our partners from rural areas across America for a two day “fly-in” focusing on the transportation needs of rural areas and small towns. We hosted a briefing at the Capitol in the morning and then these partners from all over the country, from Virginia to California, took the message up to their leaders in Congress through dozens of meetings with legislative staff or Senators and Representatives themselves.

Kathy Moxon, the director of Redwood Coast Rural Action in (extreme) northern California, a participant and speaker at the briefing, took a few moments in between meetings at the Capitol to talk to T4 America about this idea of “livability” in rural areas that some in Congress have been questioning.

We wanted to know more about the view from rural northern California — is livability a rural value?

We’d like to thank Kathy for coming to D.C and participating in the fly-in and giving us a few minutes of her time.

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  1. Helen Bushnell

    13 years ago

    Many small towns are compact and very walkable. They are easy to connect to each other by rail, and people who live in small town will take the train if that option is available at a reasonable hour.

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