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BREAKING: House-Senate compromise on stimulus

11 Feb 2009 | Posted by | 0 Comments |

A number of news outlets are reporting that a group of Senate and House members have come to a tentative agreement on the stimulus, paving the way for the final passage of the bill. The small conference of legislators have reportedly negotiated a $789.5 billion stimulus — a sum that’s about $30 billion less than the House version of the bill and $50 billion less than the Senate legislation.

As we told you yesterday, the two versions of the bill had some significant differences between them on transportation, and hopefully, we’ll be find out today what lawmakers came up with. Here’s all we know so far on what programs have been cut or changed, according to George Stephanopoulos:

The compromise scales back the tax credits for auto and home purchases and other tax cuts. It also restores some of the House education funding that the Obama administration has called “crucial.”

Be sure to check back with us later today to see how everything went down.