Transportation Vote 2016

Ballot measures we're watching

Transpo Vote 2016

Throughout 2016 (and most heavily during November), ballot measures and referenda that will raise new revenue for transportation at the local or state level were decided during elections across the country.

As in years past, we kept a close eye on several of the most notable questions decided in 2016, profiling a few at length on the blog in the lead-up to the November elections. Links to T4America summaries of particular measures on the blog, if available, are in a column in the below table.

Read our post-mortem on the 2016 election here:

Note: We don’t track 100 percent of all transit-related measures — for an overview of all transit-related ballot measures, turn to the Center for Transportation Excellence, the authority on tracking such data. Questions about measures or know of a significant one we should be following that doesn’t appear here? Reach out to Dan Levine on our staff.

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2016 ballot measures for transportation

PlaceStateOutcome & percentDescriptionRaises how much?Funds what?Link
BART region (San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties)CAApproved - 69% yesProperty tax, for 40 years$3.5 billionRepairs and maintenance on BART transit: electrical systems, rail replacement, fixing leaking tunnels and upgrading central computer control systemMore Info
Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (requires 2/3 to pass)CAApproved - 81% yesRenewal of property tax for 20 years$30 million/year for 20 yearsAC Transit bus operationsand maintenance.More Info
Contra Costa County (requires 2/3 to pass)CARejected - 63% yes0.5% sales tax increase for 30 years$2.9 billion over 30 yearsTransit, local roads and streets, sustainable communities and complete streets, and congestion reduction through programs to create alternatives to drive-alone tripsMore Info
Los Angeles County (requires 2/3 to pass)CAApproved - 69% yes0.5% sales tax increase, plus continue the existing [Measure R] 0.5% sales tax, set to expire in 2039, in perpetuity$860 million/year, estimated $100 billion over 40 yearsBig expansion of rail, bus transit, 10 highway projects, and bike/ped projects. 17% of funds would go to cities for local street projects. More Info
Sacramento County (requires 2/3 to pass)CARejected - 64% yes0.5% sales tax for 30 years$3.6 billion over 30 years70% to road projects and 30% to transit. In the first 5 years most funds are directed to maintenance and repair.More Info
San Diego County (requires 2/3 to pass)CARejected - 57% yes0.5% sales tax increase for 40 years$18 billion over 40 yearsThe measure prioritizes completing a list of high-priority freeway and transit projects within 15 years. 42% of new funds will go to transit projects and 24% will be suballocated to cities for local projects.More Info
San Luis Obispo County (requires 2/3 to pass)CARejected - 65% yes0.5% sales tax increase for 9 years$25 million/yearLocal streets, regionalhighway expansion projects, pedestrian and bicycle projects, and transitMore Info
Santa Clara County (San Jose) (requires 2/3 to pass)CAApproved - 80% of pcts reporting0.5% sales tax for 30 years$6.5 billion over 30 years$1.5 billion for BART phase II; $250 million for bike/ped projects; $2.85 billion for highways; $1.2 billion for local streets; $500 million for transit operationsMore Info
Ventura County (requires 2/3 to pass)CARejected - 57% yes0.5% sales tax for 30 years$3.3 billion over 30 yearsLocal streets, highways, bus improvements and fare subsidies, commuter rail improvements, bicycle and pedestrian projectsMore Info
Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale)FLRejected0.5% sales tax$6 billion over 30 yearsAll revenue goes to the county for transportation projects. Allows construction of light rail, bus improvements, signal retiming, and road expansion. Tax approved, but accompanying tax required for passage failed. More Info
AtlantaGAApproved - 72% yes0.5% sales tax for 40 years$2.5 billion over 40 yearsBus upgrades, streetcar expansion, Beltline transit, MARTA extensions and stations, and/or new BRT lines (options hereMore Info
AtlantaGAApproved - 68% yes0.4% sales tax for 5 years$379 million over 5 yearsBeltLine trails, street ans sidewalk improvements and widenings, bike ahre improvementsMore Info
Fulton County (except city of Atlanta)GAApproved - 53% yes0.75% sales tax for 5 years$655 millionRoad and highway widening and repairMore Info
StatewideILApproved - 79% yesCreates a lockbox to limit revenues collected on vehicles or roads be used for transportation (including construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, transit, rail, ports, and airports)n/aMore Info
Indianapolis/Marion CountyINApproved - 59%0.25% income tax increase$56 million/yearRegional rapid transit network of expanded bus service and bus rapid transit lines. Including the next phase of Red Line.More Info
StatewideMEApproved - 61% (with 89% reporting)$100 million general obligation bond$100 million$80 million to road projects, $20 million to "ports, harbors, marine transportation, aviation, freight and passenger railroads, and bicycle and pedestrian trails that preserve public safety or otherwise have demonstrated high transportation economic value"More Info
Southeast MichiganMIRejected - 50.5-49.5%1.2 mill property tax ($1.20 per $1,000 of property value)$4.7 billion over 20 yearsExpanded transit, including new bus rapid transit, express bus service, and suburb-to-suburb connections across the Regional Transit Authority district (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw counties).More Info
StatewideNJApprovedCreates a lockbox dedicating all tax reveneus from fuel to transportationn/a
Wake County (Raleigh)NCApproved - 52% yes0.5% sales tax increase$1 billion over 10 yearsCounty-wide transit expansion, including several BRT lines, expanded regular and commuter bus service, a new commuter rail line to DurhamMore Info
Clark County (Las Vegas)NVApproved - 56%Continue a temporaty 10-cent-per-gallon fuel tax and index the rate to future inflation$3 billion over 10 yearsRoad expansion and safety projectsMore Info
ColumbusOHApproved - 73%Renewal of a 0.25% local sales taxOperation of COTA transit. Service expanded once the temporary local tax was approved 10 years ago; this measure will renew that local fundingMore Info
Clackamas CountyORRejected6-cents-per-gallon fuel tax for 7 years$9 million/yearRoad maintenance and safety improvements. Forty percents will be distributed to cities for local streets.More Info
PortlandORApproved4-year, 10 cent gas tax increase$64 millionStreet paving, safe routes to school, active transportation safetyMore Info
Charleston CountySCApproved - 51%0.5% sales tax for 25 years$2.1 billion over 25 yearsHighways, green space preservation, the region's first bus rapid transit line and maintenance and improvements to existing bus fleet.More Info
Washington CountyUTRejected0.25% sales tax increase$5.8 million/yearCounty roads, city streets, and transitMore Info
Sound Transit (metro Seattle)WAApproved - 55%0.5% sales tax increase; 0.8% vehicle excise tax increase, 0.25 mill property tax increaseup to $27.6 billion over 25 yearsExpanded regional light rail, with routes TBD by summer 2016More Info
SpokaneWAApproved - 55%0.2% sales tax$20 million/yearThe region's first bus rapid transit line and expansion to existing bus service and routesMore Info