Make Me Count

How we measure congestion matters

Old measures of traffic congestion lead to the same old “solutions”

The U.S. Department of Transportation issued a draft rule that will govern how states and metro areas have to measure and address congestion, along with other metrics like freight movement and emissions.

The rule as it is currently written fails to consider people taking transit, carpooling, walking, and biking. It makes driving fast the ultimate goal of our transportation system, regardless of what type of road you’re on.

These outdated, limited, narrow measures of congestion will just lead us to the same old “solutions” of the last 50 years, like prioritizing fast driving speeds above all other modes of transportation and their associated benefits.

How do I help make a change?

Click here to sign a letter to USDOT. We’ll hand deliver your letter to USDOT with thousands of others.


Curious to know more? Read our explainer post that details ten things you need to know about this measure.

#MakeMeCount too, USDOT!

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