Urge the Senate to pass a better transportation law

The deadline to sign is Friday, March 12.

If you represent an organization or are an elected official, please sign our letter urging the Senate to pass a long-term law that orients the program transportation program around what counts: getting to where you need to go.

2021 is a once-in-a-generation chance to fundamentally change U.S. transportation.

With pedestrian fatalities skyrocketing, millions of Americans stranded from jobs and opportunities, and the climate crisis quickly reaching the point of no return, we need to act: We can’t afford to waste another five years and billions of dollars on programs that just make our problems worse.

We need the Senate to pass a transportation authorization that will reduce emissions, improve equity and safety, and meaningfully invest in transit and passenger rail. With this approach we can empower Americans with the freedom of transportation choice.

The deadline to sign this letter is Friday, March 12. This letter can only be signed by organizations and elected officials.