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Transportation for America is

an alliance of elected, business and civic leaders from communities across the country, united to ensure that states and the federal government step up to invest in smart, homegrown, locally-driven transportation solutions. These are the investments that hold the key to our future economic prosperity.

America must invest and innovate to strengthen our economy, our communities

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Strong local economies are the foundation of a strong national economy. Across the country, business, civic and elected leaders understand that a strong transportation network drives the success of our local economies.

They know local employers need to be able to recruit and retain workers both within and from outside their home communities, and they need efficient ways to get their goods to market. Workers of all incomes need affordable, dependable access to jobs. And our cities, suburbs and towns must be able to attract talent and compete on a global scale.

In communities across the country, local leaders are responding to new economic challenges with innovative plans for their transportation networks. But alone, they lack the resources, and the control over them, to build and maintain the infrastructure their economies demand. At the same time, transportation funding at all levels of government is shrinking rather than growing, due to slackening gas tax receipts and budget cuts.

This situation threatens America’s ability to compete economically. Transportation for America is bringing people together to change it, in Congress and state houses across the nation.

What We Do

Transportation for America is working to empower cities, towns and suburbs to build strong economies and communities. We believe local leaders have the vision to make smart investments that promote economic success to benefit everyone, from the business community to the lowest-wage worker. We work with local leaders for advancement on five key fronts:

INVESTMENT. We are building a powerful new alliance that will help secure sufficient state and federal transportation funding for infrastructure to move freight to market and people to jobs.

LOCAL CONTROL. We advocate for federal and state policy changes that will give local communities more authority and funding to spur innovation and strengthen their economies.

INNOVATION. We provide research and peer-to-peer information sharing to help local communities develop and take advantage of new and “outside the box” approaches to solving their transportation planning, funding and financing challenges.

OPTIONS. We help communities adapt to changes in market preferences, technology and travel patterns that are driving a new consumer demand for a range of transportation options, from managed highway lanes to public transportation to walkable neighborhoods.

ACCESS TO JOBS. We advocate for transportation policies that help employers expand access to workers, attract new talent, and ensure that workers of all wage levels can reach their jobs with the lowest possible cost and stress.


We envision a strong national economy in which federal and state governments team up to invest in infrastructure and innovation in our local communities – the true engines of economic success.

If we invest in creating a strong, modern transportation system for the 21st century, we will be creating prosperous cities, towns and suburbs where businesses thrive and people of all incomes and ages can live healthy and productive lives.

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