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[VIDEO] Training artists to collaborate with civic and municipal officials

In cities across the country, artists are helping to solve civic problems. We recently held a great discussion about how some artists and cultural workers are being trained to collaborate effectively with cities to improve transportation planning and community development.

Cities and artists are coming together, integrating arts and culture to help solve civic challenges and create places that are more meaningful to and reflective of the people that live, work, and play there. Did you miss our recent discussion on the topic? Click here or below to view a recording of the full session.

Artists and cultural workers serve an important role as co-problem solvers by bridging the conversation between local communities and civic/transportation professionals. But to do this work effectively, they must be equipped to work across sectors, communicate with diverse stakeholders, and harmonize the goals of different players. The training programs we discussed are a crucial component of working together to create places that work for everyone.

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We also recently announced that Transportation for America has been commissioned by ArtPlace America to undertake a rigorous national examination of creative placemaking in transportation to better understand how and where artists, designers, and cultural workers are collaborating with local governments and community partners to solve transportation challenges. Learn more about this work.