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Reduce freight bottlenecks

Reduce freight bottlenecks

We must ensure the capacity for long-haul routes, while at the same time address the costly and time-consuming bottlenecks within congested metropolitan areas and in the “first- and last-mile” connections to ports and freight yards. The next bill should:

 Target funding through competitive grant programs to projects that relieve freight bottlenecks and improve last-mile connections, and ensure that all appropriate modes are eligible;

 Expand the national Primary Freight network to include all freight modes;

 Incentivize and support regional planning for freight movement, particularly with regard to last-mile connections.

Platform Freight Bottlenecks

Freight congestion

“It is projected that just 20 percent more truck congestion would result in over $14 billion in increased operating costs to Washington’s freight-dependent industries.“ —WSDOT/WSU 2012