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Connect workers with employers

Connect workers with employers

Solutions may take many forms, such as new public transit links, employer shuttles, safer bicycle and pedestrian pathways, or car-sharing options. The next transportation bill should:

 Allow local communities to apply for grants for targeted transportation services and connections to job centers, particularly those with a concentration of low-wage workers; and

 Provide the technical assistance and tools to encourage local communities, companies and employees to work together to craft the suite of commuter benefits, incentives, and options that not only gets employees to jobs, but also helps relieve over-burdened transportation networks and supports the economy.

Platform Connecting Workers

Renata Soto headshot circle“Better, more reliable transit is an important mechanism to help working families access a broader variety of jobs by enabling them to look beyond their immediate neighborhoods for employment.”

—Renata Soto, Conexión Americas executive director