The Fix We’re In For: The State of Our Bridges

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Deficient Bridges

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  • 12-17%
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Visualizing the numbers

Did you know that in another ten years, one in four bridges will be 65 years old or older? And today, almost 50 percent of bridges of that age are structurally deficient?

In the minute it’ll take you to view this full infographic with more facts like that, another 180,000 trips will be taken on deficient bridges. Click to see the whole graphic, learn more, and share it with your friends.

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11 percent of all U.S. highway bridges are structurally deficient— bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement. And though there are far fewer today than 20 years ago, our progress on repairing them has slowed to a trickle — nearly three times slower in the last four years than 20 years ago.

If all 66,503 structurally deficient U.S. bridges were placed end to end, you could drive from Washington, DC to Denver, CO entirely on deficient bridges. At 55 mph, you’d be taking your chances for over 28 hours on one, long, bad American bridge.

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2013: U.S. states, ranked by percentage of deficient bridges

StateRankTotal bridgesTotal deficientPercent deficientChange in deficient bridges over 2011Percent change in deficient bridges since 2011Average age - all bridgesAverage age - deficient bridgesAverage daily traffic on deficient bridges
National Totals604,99566,40511.0%4365259,201,931
Pennsylvania122,6675,54324.5%-500-8.3% better547518,994,224
Oklahoma223,7785,38222.6%+771.5% worse46647,236,161
Iowa324,4655,19121.2%-249-4.6% better44691,728,828
Rhode Island475415620.7%-7-4.3% better55662,598,405
South Dakota55,8691,20820.6%+100.8% worse4669354,303
Nebraska615,3912,77818.0%-42-1.5% better4471724,206
North Dakota74,44574616.8%+192.6% worse456995,368
New Hampshire*82,42936214.9%-21-5.5% better52741,796,425
Maine92,40835614.8%-33-8.5% better5069924,423
Missouri1024,0723,50214.5%-640-15.5% better43715,156,617
Mississippi1117,0532,41414.2%-299-11.0% better33451,401,786
Wyoming123,10142613.7%+194.7% worse4051871,031
Louisiana1313,2581,79813.6%+512.9% worse37484,588,616
West Virginia147,08995213.4%-73-7.1% better40682,325,812
Hawaii151,14615213.3%+85.6% worse60791,862,562
District of Columbia162423112.8%0no change6059915,533
New York1717,4202,17012.5%+612.9% worse476717,374,731
Michigan1811,0001,35412.3%-185-12.0% better43647,542,647
South Carolina199,2521,12712.2%-105-8.5% better42553,397,465
California2024,7972,97812.0%-278-8.5% better475467,603,788
North Carolina2118,2802,19512.0%-167-7.1% better38547,850,103
Alaska221,17312810.9%-18-12.3% better3247178,675
Indiana2318,7532,03010.8%+351.8% worse42687,199,952
Vermont242,72628810.6%-56-16.3% better5676426,822
Kansas2525,2062,65710.5%-176-6.2% better4875812,743
New Jersey266,5576519.9%-31-4.5% better527911,285,681
Connecticut274,1964069.7%+164.1% worse50655,274,701
Massachusetts285,1324959.6%-70-12.4% better57769,151,876
Idaho294,2133979.4%+133.4% worse4158565,589
Ohio3027,0022,4629.1%-327-11.7% better43699,223,025
Virginia3113,7691,2519.1%-21-1.7% better44657,393,364
Minnesota3213,1091,1919.1%+403.5% worse37672,342,495
Alabama3316,0711,4489.0%-160-10.0% better43602,368,186
Kentucky3414,0281,2478.9%-72-5.5% better42584,416,436
Illinois3526,5142,3118.7%+221.0% worse40708,035,705
Wisconsin3614,0941,1518.2%-2-0.2% better36672,923,488
New Mexico373,9243077.8%-25-7.5% better4456719,135
Montana385,1203997.8%-8-2.0% better4359503,175
Arkansas3912,6488997.1%-50-5.3% better39521,526,375
Maryland405,2863646.9%-3-0.8% better45665,344,961
Colorado418,5785666.6%-18-3.1% better36584,711,767
Delaware42862536.1%+36.0% worse4144323,720
Georgia4314,7308786.0%-75-7.9% better41572,319,651
Tennessee*4420,2681,1955.9%-41-3.3% better39534,885,931
Oregon457,6314335.7%-30-6.5% better42561,484,388
Washington467,8063624.6%-38-9.5% better43612,925,184
Utah472,9411264.3%-7-5.3% better3453880,780
Arizona487,8302473.2%+146.0% worse40591,837,167
Texas4952,1281,3372.6%-325-19.6% better40543,068,190
Nevada501,797402.2%+12.6% worse3158146,557
Florida5111,9872652.2%-35-11.7% better36531,583,178