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Recent or Anticipated Ballot Measures Followed by CFTE

Recent ballot measures tracked by the Center for Transportation Excellence

As of May 2014. CFTE keeps comprehensive track of all measures and should be consulted to see the most current data available.

Tigard, ORCity PolicyMeasure would amend the Tigard Charter adopting a declared public policy opposing construction of new high-capacity transit corridors within the City, unless voter approval is first obtained. High-capacity transit includes light rail, rail transit, and exclusive bus lanes.11-Mar-14Loss, 51% approval, 49% opposed
King County, WATBD, Vehicle Fee, Sales TaxExecutive Dow Constantine, along with four county council members and other regional officials have proposed an April vote on the creation of a transportation benefit district that implement a $60 annual vehicle fee and a one-tenth of a cent sales tax, generating a combined $110 million a year. Apr-14Loss, 45% approve, 55% opppose
Lorain County, OHProperty TaxThe transit tax, on the ballot as Issue 11, is for a 0.065 mills and would last five years.6-May-14Loss, 42% approve, 58% oppose
Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti, MIProperty Tax.7 millage increase to fund a five-year plan of service improvements.6-May-04Win, 71% approve, 29% oppose
Grand Rapids, MIIncome Tax"Vital Streets and rights-of-way are accessible, attractive, environmentally responsible and safe; serving all people of our community. Vital Streets embrace the entire right-of-way through design that provides safe access for all users, manages stormwater in place through low impact development practices, enhances urban tree canopy and quality of life in neighborhoods and economic vitality in business districts."May 6,2014Win, 66% approve, 34% oppose
Parkersburg, WVProperty TaxA two-year renewal of a property tax levy for the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority, which operates Easy Rider.13-May-14Win, 77% approve, 23% oppose
Seminole County, FLSales TaxOne cent sales tax for 10 years, 25% goes to school district, 75% for transportation, stormwater, and other physical infrastructure. Includes bike/ped infrastructure, excludes transit operations of SunRail and Lynx and routine maintenance.20-May-14Win, 52% approve, 48% oppose
Milwaukie, ORBondMilwaukie will ask residents to approve a $4 million bond to pay its light-rail obligation to TriMet.20-May-14Win, 53% approve, 47% oppose
Detroit, MI (Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties)Property TaxThe Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation seeks a property tax increase from .59 to 1 mil to generate an additional $28 million annually to fund capital needs.Aug-14
Pinellas County, FLSales TaxPinellas County Commission has formally approved the ballot language and placed the measure on the ballot for November 2014. A public hearing on the referendum is scheduled for December. Transit officials will use the 11 month lag to complete a study of the county's bus system and proposed light rail plan.4-Nov-14
Polk County, FLSales TaxThe Polk County Transit Authority and Polk County Board of County Commissioners approved a referendum for November 4, 2014 to levy a one-cent sales tax increase. Half of the new tax revenues will be used to fund the development, construction, equipment, maintenance, operation, and supportive services for a countywide bus transit system.4-Nov-14
Massachusetts, StatewideGas TaxThe Tank the Automatic Gas Tax Hike campaign seeks to repeal a provision in a law passed in 2013 that would increase the gas tax annually to match the growth in the consumer price index for the use of transportation projects.4-Nov-14

Anticipated ballot measures tracked by CFTE (as of May 2014)

As of May 2014. CFTE keeps comprehensive track of all measures and should be consulted to see the most current data available.

Alameda County, CASales TaxIncreases current transportation sales tax from half a cent to a full penny on the dollar for thirty years.2014
California, StatewideConstitutional AmendmentCalifornia is considering a statewide election to change the winning percentage for ballot measures from a 67% majority to 60%.2014
Wake County, NCSales TaxHalf-cent sales tax for regional transit plan2015 at earliest
Hillsborough County, FLSales TaxMar-15
Delaware, Hamilton, Johnson, Madison, and Marion Counties (Indianapolis), INIncome Tax, Business TaxSB 176: Approves of mass-transit plans in each county and a funding mechanism with 25% generated by fares, 10% from businesses and 65% from an income tax.2016
Perry, MIProperty TaxA two-year, 0.25 mill levy renewal to support service by the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency.2014
Owosso Township, MIProperty TaxA two-year, 0.333 mill levy renewal to allow local residents to utilize service by the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency at a reduced rate.2014
Niles, MIProperty TaxA two-year, 0.50 mill levy renewal for operational support of the Dial-A-Ride bus system.2014
Caledonia Township, MIProperty TaxA two-year, 0.17 mill increase to support existing transportation services by the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency.2014
Oakland County, MIProperty TaxA two-year renewal of a 0.59 mill levy to support service by the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART).2014
Missouri, StatewideSales TaxMissourians for Safe Transportation and New Jobs is pushing for a November ballot for a transportation sales and use tax.TBD
Kansas City, MOOtherKansas City, Missouri, is considering a double election season this year to fund expansion of their streetcar line with an August vote to create a transit development district, followed by a November vote to decide on a funding mechanism within that district. Court approval scheduled for April.2014
Milwaukie, ORBondMilwaukie is expected to vote on a ballot measure to pass a $4 million bond to pay its light-rail obligation to TriMet. Expected to refer in March.2014
Nashville, TNTBD
Austin, TXBondFunding for central corridorTBD
Detroit, MITo fund RTA2016
Clayton County, GASales TaxTo join MARTA2014

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