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T4America announces expanded technical assistance offerings to help meet the demand

After years of providing technical assistance to cities, states, government agencies and others — and failing to keep up with the demand — Transportation for America and Smart Growth America are excited to announce that we’re bringing an expanded suite of technical assistance offerings directly to you. If you’re in need, get in touch with us and put T4America to work for you.

Transportation for America technical assistance

Today Transportation for America and Smart Growth America are announcing an expanded team of experts and suite of technical assistance offerings to help meet the demand from communities of all sizes that’s been at times, frankly, overwhelming.

Beth Osborne

Beth Osborne

“Over the last few years of providing a range of technical assistance to communities here at T4America, we’ve seen too much disappointment when the assistance we’re able to offer — often through a specific grant or a specific philanthropy’s program — can’t accommodate the demand,” said Beth Osborne, senior policy advisor for T4America and our go-to point person on technical assistance for the last two years.

“We’ve gotten more applications for technical assistance than we’ve managed to find funding to work on, whether for help implementing a new system of performance measurement or help preparing a stronger TIGER grant application. As a result, we’ve had to turn scores of communities away. But we’ve been working hard to come up with a better program that can help meet the growing need in local communities. That’s the biggest reason we’re excited about the team of experts we’ve assembled and a new range of services: cities of all sizes are looking for help today and we’re going to be much better equipped now to provide that assistance in whatever forms that takes,” she said.

The future of America’s communities depends on the smart choices we make today. Transportation for America Technical Assistance exists for the express purpose of building sustainable communities and transportation choices. We work hand-in-hand with communities that share our goals, focusing on strategic investments and innovative partnerships that meet the local demand for housing, transportation, and a high quality of life.

Is your vision an attractive, competitive, resilient community that pulls in talent and helps its people thrive? Let us put our policy, program, and project development expertise to work for you at the federal, state, and local levels.

Bringing together skilled staff from Transportation for America and Smart Growth America, our mission-based team has the knowledge and experience to make meaningful progress in today’s complex political and fiscal environment.

T4 Technical Assistance — Why T4 technical assistance


We’re driven to creating thriving communities and investing in the smart, homegrown, locally-driven transportation solutions that hold the key to our future economic prosperity.


Transportation for America Technical Assistance exists to reinvest in our mission-driven parents — not nd a way to make the most money possible.


It’s powerful and encouraging to know that you have an ally. We share your values and we’ll be working tirelessly to accomplish the work, whether you choose to use T4 or not.


We have relationships and access that span all levels of government and reach across the country. Our expertise is second to none, and we know how to finish the job.


STRATEGIC ADVICE. We track the rapidly changing policy and regulatory landscapes at the federal, state and local levels so you don’t have to, and give you the practical advice you need to turn your ideas into achievable solutions. With our support, our clients become their own best lobbyists.

GRANT SUPPORT. We identify funding opportunities, craft applications and gather powerful support to give our clients the edge in a highly competitive environment.

INNOVATIVE TRANSPORTATION. Transportation leaders can produce the greatest return on investment through goal setting, performance measures and outcome-based procedures. Beyond the low bar of merely complying with upcoming federal requirements, we help our clients achieve their priorities and make the case to constituents that their tax dollars are being invested well.

IMPLEMENTING MULTIMODAL DESIGN. Many states and localities have adopted complete streets policies only to run into challenges implementing them. We work with transportation agencies to identify and address the hurdles preventing the adoption of multimodal, context sensitive design.

REPORTS AND PUBLIC SPEAKING. We produce reports about transportation policy, funding, design and best practices, both as independent research and on behalf of our clients. We provide expertise and perspective on the e ects that changing market demand and demographic shifts will have on transportation, housing and development investments. We also track state and local attempts to raise funding for transportation to help clients put together the strongest proposal and case for success.

Interested in learning more?


If you or your community are looking for assistance and want to speak with one of our experts,visit https://t4america.org/technical-assistance/ to read more about our technical assistance offerings and the team, or contact us with the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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