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Wrapping up Capital Ideas: Making the case for smarter state transportation policy

After two days of hands-on expert advice — and hopefully a whole lot of encouragement — state and local leaders from all over the country are returning home from our second Capital Ideas conference better equipped to advance creative and innovative transportation funding and policy reforms to make the most of limited infrastructure dollars.

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Our Capital Ideas state policy conference is kicking off this morning in Sacramento

This morning, representatives from all over the country are gathered in Sacramento, California to learn how states can raise new money to invest in transportation — and change the underlying policies to ensure those dollars are better spent.

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[VIDEO] How did Utah build miles of transit and raise state transportation funding?

How did Utah leaders and citizens stare down a recession while raising new state revenues for transportation and making a range of investments to accommodate projected population growth and bolster the economy and quality of life? On day two of our Capital Ideas conference on November 16-17, Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes will be on hand to answer that question and others.

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We have a terrific list of confirmed speakers for Capital Ideas — are you attending?

We’ve added a number of new speakers and items to the agenda for Capital Ideas in Sacramento this November 16-17. We’re bringing together state legislators, advocates, local leaders and others intent on improving policy and raising new money for smart, ambitious projects to better connect local communities.

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Register by September 30th for Capital Ideas & enter drawing to have your registration refunded

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Capital Ideas, coming up on November 16-17, is the best place to hear from the local & state leaders, state DOT executives, smart cities & technology experts and others who are in the trenches in the push to make smart reforms to state transportation policies, investment decisions and funding packages.

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Virginia approves its first transportation plan based on a new system of scoring and prioritizing projects

Today Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the first set of transportation projects selected and prioritized through the state’s new scoring process to objectively screen and score them based on their anticipated benefits. The newly renamed SMART Scale directs $1.7 billion to 163 projects across the state.

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California officially dumped the outdated “level of service” metric — your state should too

California made a small but crucial change to how they measure the performance of their streets in 2013, shifting away from a narrow focus on moving as many cars as fast as possible and taking a more holistic view and measuring a street’s performance against a broader list of other important goals. So what is this outdated “level of service” measure and how can other states follow California’s lead?

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Save the date: Capital Ideas conference on state transportation funding & policy

With Congress finally wrapping up their five-year transportation bill in late 2015, the focus is fully on states when it comes to policy and funding for transportation. Our second Capital Ideas conference focused on state transportation funding and policy is coming to Sacramento, CA this November 16-17, so mark your calendars, save the date and sign up to be the first notified when registration opens.

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12 transportation policies states should consider in 2016 to stay economically competitive

To remain economically competitive, states must invest in infrastructure, but state legislatures have a critical choice ahead of them: continue pumping scarce dollars into a complex and opaque system based on outdated policies out of sync with today’s needs, or follow the lead of the states highlighted in Transportation for America’s new report, Twelve Innovations in Transportation Policy States Should Consider in 2016.

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12 states successfully raised new transportation funding in 2015 — what can other states learn?

The second issue of Transportation for America’s “Capital Ideas” series, released today, takes a closer look at the states that passed new transportation funding and policy legislation in 2015, distilling it all into some notable trends, lessons learned, challenges, and recommendations for other states planning similar action in 2016.

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