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Tell Congress to send real dollars where the real needs are

Applause rang out from both sides of the aisle during the State of the Union, when President Obama called for the ambitious, “bipartisan infrastructure plan” we need for a 21st century, “middle-class economy”.

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Tell the President to back a bipartisan gas tax increase

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The steep drop in gas prices offers the best opportunity in years to raise the revenue we need to rescue our transportation trust fund and build for the future. And, for the first time in recent memory, leaders in both parties are calling for a gas tax increase to avoid foisting monumental repair and construction bills on the next generation.

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Support the Senate’s bipartisan plan to raise the gas tax

After months of hearing from mayors and business leaders and citizens and people of all stripes who are worried about the looming bankruptcy of our transportation fund, a key Senate committee is taking up a temporary fix to the trust fund. But Congress still must find a long-term solution to save our nation’s transportation fund. Two Senators have offered that solution, and it’s time to support that plan.

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Finally, a bill to give locals more access to their federal transportation dollars

Most taxpayers would agree that the level of government closest to the people should have more control over how transportation dollars get spent in their local communities. Yet local cities, towns and counties control less than 15 percent of all federal transportation dollars.

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Which highly anticipated transportation projects in your community would go back on the shelf next year?

Which highly anticipated transportation projects in your community would go back on the shelf next year? Will it be a bridge replacement years in the making? New buses to meet growing ridership? A multi-use trail along a key highway that bike commuters are hoping to use? Improvements to make your Main Street safer and more pleasant for people who shop and work there?

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Cuts restored, progress possible in critical budget deal

Positive news from Congress today! Yes, you heard right. Just months after budget sequestration and a government shutdown put transportation funding at risk, House leaders have agreed to a budget deal that would provide stable or increased funding for key programs that you’ve helped us defend over the last few years.

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