The Fix We’re In For: 2015 Bridge Conditions

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Tennessee* Bridges

  • State rank
    44 of 51
  • Percent deficient:
  • Total bridges
  • Structurally deficient:
  • More/less deficient bridges since 2011:
    -3.3% better
  • Average age
    39 years
  • Average age - deficient bridges:
    53 years
Best Counties Deficient
Van Buren County 0%
Sequatchie County 0%
Pickett County 0%
Lawrence County 0%
Sumner County 0.5%
Worst Counties Deficient
Lake County 23.1%
Carter County 20.1%
Cannon County 18.4%
Fayette County 18.2%
Union County 18%

Deficient Bridges

  • 17%+
  • 12-17%
  • 7-12%
  • 0-7%

Do you drive on deficient bridges?

Updated with current 2015 data from USDOT. Enter an address to locate nearby bridges and see which ones are structurally deficient — bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

2015 State Reports

OREGON: Click to view the 2015 state report for Oregon. Released June 11, 2015

MINNESOTA: Click to view the 2015 state report for Minnesota. Released April 30, 2015

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2013 National Report Resources

Visualizing the 2013 numbers

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Please note: This infographic is sourced from 2013 data and accompanied our 2013 national report release.

Looking for our last national report?

Read the last national report from 2013. 11 percent of all U.S. highway bridges are structurally deficient— bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

Download the 2013 report.

Tennessee Counties, Ranked by Percentage of Structurally Deficient Bridges

CountyTotal # bridgesDeficient bridgesPercent of bridges that are deficientAverage daily traffic on deficient bridges% of total daily bridge traffic on deficient bridges
Lake County26623.1%3,44013.8%
Carter County1994020.1%62,9207.4%
Cannon County1582918.4%3,4902.0%
Fayette County3185818.2%43,8904.0%
Union County611118.0%11,30013.6%
Jefferson County1222016.4%124,4007.2%
Johnson County1161916.4%17,6509.8%
Haywood County2493514.1%21,3402.5%
Gibson County4005513.8%13,4202.0%
Lauderdale County2713713.7%10,5603.4%
Fentress County59813.6%2,8406.6%
Dyer County2443313.5%25,2703.3%
Hardin County1912412.6%4,8801.9%
Tipton County2082612.5%19,1303.8%
Scott County1101311.8%17,2008.3%
Crockett County1902211.6%3,7801.2%
Cocke County1912111.0%43,1604.5%
Henry County1932010.4%6,2901.6%
Clay County59610.2%6201.3%
Grainger County90910.0%1,9601.1%
McNairy County2192210.0%33,7006.9%
Overton County7679.2%6,1303.6%
DeKalb County9999.1%8,7405.8%
Campbell County135128.9%108,53014.9%
Hawkins County192178.9%88,62016.5%
Chester County128118.6%4,0401.6%
Morgan County116108.6%2,2201.3%
Unicoi County165148.5%12,0101.4%
Jackson County136118.1%1,9502.1%
Benton County152127.9%12,1403.9%
Madison County424327.5%98,2303.4%
Claiborne County9577.4%1,1900.6%
Henderson County207157.2%28,0404.0%
Humphreys County249187.2%8,3801.4%
Bledsoe County8567.1%1,9901.5%
Sullivan County371267.0%81,6552.0%
Maury County426296.8%14,8600.9%
Shelby County1067696.5%1,572,5906.7%
Hickman County329216.4%6,3200.9%
Meigs County7856.4%4,3405.5%
Obion County362236.4%9,8201.3%
Cheatham County13086.2%120,06022.4%
Carroll County247156.1%6,1901.4%
Loudon County11576.1%65,5103.8%
Polk County13386.0%20,9007.3%
Cumberland County13585.9%62,7856.2%
Roane County15795.7%17,5801.5%
Bradley County198115.6%20,4901.0%
Decatur County10765.6%7700.5%
Monroe County14685.5%6,2102.3%
Washington County289165.5%69,0102.1%
Hardeman County225125.3%29,2807.5%
Blount County196105.1%7,8910.6%
Hancock County6035.0%8302.2%
Smith County202105.0%12,6101.0%
Wayne County263134.9%1,3100.9%
Anderson County17684.5%1,8600.1%
Perry County15674.5%3,8304.7%
Hamilton County467194.1%320,6602.7%
Sevier County268114.1%25,3501.3%
Davidson County809313.8%873,9003.6%
Weakley County351133.7%2,8300.5%
Hamblen County11543.5%12,8500.9%
Marion County18163.3%8,6300.6%
Franklin County15753.2%18,7505.7%
Warren County15453.2%1,6600.5%
Knox County569173.0%109,3250.7%
Macon County16553.0%9300.9%
Stewart County16753.0%5700.4%
White County7022.9%3,6501.6%
Giles County32792.8%1,1000.1%
Bedford County29282.7%15,7602.9%
Montgomery County18552.7%26,9102.0%
Houston County11932.5%6,9807.3%
Coffee County21952.3%21,6301.4%
Grundy County8722.3%300.0%
Lewis County13532.2%7201.1%
Williamson County464102.2%205,7006.0%
Lincoln County30462.0%4,5101.0%
Robertson County20442.0%13,2600.7%
Greene County32261.9%6,9100.5%
Rhea County10321.9%22,4505.4%
Dickson County24041.7%90,77012.4%
Moore County6911.4%300.0%
Rutherford County41561.4%77,5401.9%
Wilson County38051.3%30,1001.1%
Marshall County24531.2%7,7401.4%
Putnam County16721.2%2,7900.2%
Trousdale County8711.1%1,6801.4%
McMinn County22010.5%2000.0%
Sumner County39120.5%3,7500.1%
Lawrence County18800.0%-0.0%
Pickett County2700.0%-0.0%
Sequatchie County6700.0%-0.0%
Van Buren County3700.0%-0.0%

*2012 FHWA summary statistics are used for New Hampshire and Tennessee's deficient bridge totals due to significant discrepancies between FHWA summary statistics and the data in the NBI. The TN & NH county numbers reflect our analysis of the NBI and will differ slightly from the state totals in the national rankings. Click here for more info on the data.