The Fix We’re In For: 2015 Bridge Conditions

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Pennsylvania Bridges

  • State rank
    1 of 51
  • Percent deficient:
  • Total bridges
  • Structurally deficient:
  • More/less deficient bridges since 2011:
    -8.3% better
  • Average age
    54 years
  • Average age - deficient bridges:
    75 years
Best Counties Deficient
Montour County 9.3%
Northumberland County 9.9%
Tioga County 13.5%
Erie County 13.5%
Snyder County 13.9%
Worst Counties Deficient
McKean County 43.4%
Schuylkill County 43%
Potter County 40.9%
Monroe County 38.8%
Lawrence County 37.1%

Deficient Bridges

  • 17%+
  • 12-17%
  • 7-12%
  • 0-7%

Do you drive on deficient bridges?

Updated with current 2015 data from USDOT. Enter an address to locate nearby bridges and see which ones are structurally deficient — bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

2015 State Reports

OREGON: Click to view the 2015 state report for Oregon. Released June 11, 2015

MINNESOTA: Click to view the 2015 state report for Minnesota. Released April 30, 2015

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2013 National Report Resources

Visualizing the 2013 numbers

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Please note: This infographic is sourced from 2013 data and accompanied our 2013 national report release.

Looking for our last national report?

Read the last national report from 2013. 11 percent of all U.S. highway bridges are structurally deficient— bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

Download the 2013 report.

Pennsylvania Counties, Ranked by Percentage of Structurally Deficient Bridges

CountyTotal # bridgesDeficient bridgesPercent of bridges that are deficientAverage daily traffic on deficient bridges% of total daily bridge traffic on deficient bridges
McKean County2219643.4%117,73229.9%
Schuylkill County36515743.0%295,26824.4%
Potter County1988140.9%61,22941.5%
Monroe County30411838.8%491,30523.5%
Lawrence County2649837.1%240,31026.1%
Clearfield County29110536.1%187,37819.8%
Carbon County1294534.9%194,94224.6%
Fayette County37812733.6%204,18724.4%
Washington County62720031.9%346,52415.1%
Butler County37311731.4%276,78418.4%
Indiana County3129831.4%209,78630.6%
Greene County3109731.3%75,88817.0%
Wyoming County1374230.7%46,64318.3%
Elk County1233629.3%47,43124.9%
Cameron County591728.8%22,69050.3%
Juniata County1644728.7%63,20016.5%
Bucks County65718828.6%1,155,91419.1%
Perry County1835127.9%93,48921.6%
Armstrong County2637327.8%101,96117.1%
Montgomery County75420727.5%1,570,32613.1%
Pike County1604427.5%103,70718.3%
Luzerne County44512227.4%721,20521.3%
Wayne County2536927.3%41,26910.6%
Adams County2516626.3%169,79521.9%
Berks County64516926.2%685,23117.3%
Susquehanna County2757226.2%71,44513.0%
Venango County1915026.2%36,98210.0%
Beaver County2997826.1%221,02115.8%
Clarion County1814726.0%96,06520.7%
Forest County671725.4%8,59824.4%
Sullivan County1193025.2%12,25918.3%
Westmoreland County60615325.2%600,65019.2%
Lancaster County75719025.1%641,21513.5%
Bradford County3949724.6%77,03212.8%
Somerset County42910424.2%70,3096.1%
Warren County2185223.9%52,34816.4%
Blair County3368023.8%178,72813.0%
Crawford County3999423.6%121,30214.6%
Lackawanna County3548223.2%491,74616.8%
Delaware County3638423.1%623,53810.1%
Allegheny County127229223.0%1,888,90415.0%
Lehigh County3788422.2%643,41315.7%
Clinton County2044522.1%80,20710.0%
Bedford County4129021.8%137,8289.2%
Huntingdon County2385221.8%51,04913.2%
Philadelphia County57812621.8%2,218,37119.0%
Northampton County3417321.4%328,73611.8%
Chester County62112920.8%520,96210.1%
Jefferson County2084320.7%81,69812.3%
Mifflin County1934020.7%171,41224.9%
Lebanon County2074119.8%127,94513.1%
Mercer County4398719.8%111,2708.5%
York County54510719.6%373,15313.6%
Cambria County2825519.5%130,73416.2%
Franklin County2785218.7%191,24617.1%
Centre County3556618.6%170,94010.2%
Columbia County2704617.0%26,0203.2%
Cumberland County3415817.0%309,9808.7%
Fulton County1572515.9%18,7444.2%
Union County1552415.5%12,6682.6%
Lycoming County4746914.6%82,5904.6%
Dauphin County4396113.9%260,1525.6%
Snyder County1582213.9%58,49616.9%
Erie County4456013.5%109,4656.6%
Tioga County4215713.5%33,2095.0%
Northumberland County294299.9%24,5862.8%
Montour County108109.3%3,0140.7%

*2012 FHWA summary statistics are used for New Hampshire and Tennessee's deficient bridge totals due to significant discrepancies between FHWA summary statistics and the data in the NBI. The TN & NH county numbers reflect our analysis of the NBI and will differ slightly from the state totals in the national rankings. Click here for more info on the data.