The Fix We’re In For: 2015 Bridge Conditions

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North Carolina Bridges

  • State rank
    21 of 51
  • Percent deficient:
  • Total bridges
  • Structurally deficient:
  • More/less deficient bridges since 2011:
    -7.1% better
  • Average age
    38 years
  • Average age - deficient bridges:
    54 years
Best Counties Deficient
Vance County 1.3%
Warren County 2.2%
Lee County 2.3%
Richmond County 3.3%
Nash County 3.4%
Worst Counties Deficient
Dare County 27.8%
Rockingham County 27.2%
Beaufort County 26.6%
Mitchell County 26.1%
Harnett County 25.9%

Deficient Bridges

  • 17%+
  • 12-17%
  • 7-12%
  • 0-7%
North Carolina

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Updated with current 2015 data from USDOT. Enter an address to locate nearby bridges and see which ones are structurally deficient — bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

2015 State Reports

OREGON: Click to view the 2015 state report for Oregon. Released June 11, 2015

MINNESOTA: Click to view the 2015 state report for Minnesota. Released April 30, 2015

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2013 National Report Resources

Visualizing the 2013 numbers

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Please note: This infographic is sourced from 2013 data and accompanied our 2013 national report release.

Looking for our last national report?

Read the last national report from 2013. 11 percent of all U.S. highway bridges are structurally deficient— bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

Download the 2013 report.

North Carolina Counties, Ranked by Percentage of Structurally Deficient Bridges

CountyTotal # bridgesDeficient bridgesPercent of bridges that are deficientAverage daily traffic on deficient bridges% of total daily bridge traffic on deficient bridges
Dare County361027.8%21,36015.7%
Rockingham County2286227.2%162,22522.0%
Beaufort County1544126.6%112,58028.4%
Mitchell County1193126.1%35,66019.9%
Harnett County2055325.9%84,31515.1%
Tyrrell County30723.3%7,73020.1%
Cabarrus County2265022.1%446,82026.6%
Pasquotank County601321.7%62,95022.8%
Brunswick County1503221.3%128,39013.5%
Clay County611321.3%10,38514.4%
Hoke County631320.6%21,76915.2%
Alleghany County1152320.0%17,66121.2%
Hertford County551120.0%27,89027.6%
Sampson County1893719.6%43,08011.0%
Yancey County1442819.4%41,28019.1%
Haywood County2755319.3%379,62024.2%
Scotland County991919.2%62,53015.8%
Columbus County2144018.7%42,3308.0%
Wilkes County3446418.6%29,5004.3%
Yadkin County1653018.2%70,73013.7%
Ashe County2374217.7%36,43015.6%
Watauga County1933317.1%30,6505.9%
Rutherford County2995016.7%48,3209.1%
Rowan County2474116.6%262,29420.6%
Stokes County1522516.4%46,61018.5%
Union County2864716.4%102,8609.1%
Forsyth County4116716.3%852,49012.8%
Caswell County901415.6%11,69013.6%
Macon County2103215.2%22,4005.7%
Pitt County2063115.0%50,4805.1%
Duplin County2113114.7%26,0905.4%
Bladen County1241814.5%35,07015.1%
Greene County62914.5%8,5306.3%
Robeson County2743914.2%82,9905.8%
Davidson County3474914.1%327,88015.2%
Carteret County57814.0%70,87027.0%
Madison County2443413.9%19,6455.1%
Davie County941313.8%77,08017.1%
Transylvania County1482013.5%18,4055.5%
Alexander County1061413.2%11,3208.0%
Bertie County991313.1%30,23012.3%
Granville County1501912.7%29,6406.6%
Jackson County2162712.5%57,4097.7%
Martin County1241512.1%19,9107.7%
Anson County1591911.9%13,9505.2%
Avery County1021211.8%4,7802.5%
Iredell County3233811.8%123,8805.8%
Stanly County1702011.8%17,7803.9%
Alamance County2312711.7%50,6102.8%
Henderson County2502911.6%72,0404.8%
Perquimans County43511.6%8,83010.5%
Polk County1231411.4%9,5652.4%
Wilson County2012210.9%24,8502.5%
Chowan County37410.8%4,6906.0%
Guilford County6527010.7%740,3809.5%
Hyde County75810.7%7,43014.4%
Northampton County84910.7%2,5901.6%
Orange County1811910.5%92,5705.6%
Swain County1051110.5%2,3591.1%
Catawba County2302410.4%206,20511.6%
Surry County3123210.3%84,9617.1%
McDowell County2212210.0%34,5303.9%
Moore County177179.6%22,5605.4%
Lenoir County120119.2%31,6806.6%
Pender County120119.2%18,7405.9%
Wake County653599.0%594,4904.8%
New Hanover County10198.9%194,50014.2%
Edgecombe County148138.8%29,5605.8%
Randolph County377338.8%181,51014.0%
Pamlico County4748.5%17,76017.2%
Johnston County324278.3%71,3103.4%
Buncombe County538448.2%240,8704.6%
Burke County232198.2%27,4802.7%
Caldwell County195168.2%33,1805.1%
Cleveland County255218.2%28,3003.5%
Camden County2528.0%6,6408.0%
Washington County6357.9%7,4805.1%
Graham County9077.8%8,54011.1%
Montgomery County141117.8%8,3403.9%
Franklin County11797.7%10,6303.9%
Person County10487.7%6,3004.0%
Halifax County157127.6%12,7701.8%
Cumberland County287217.3%170,1906.0%
Gates County4137.3%2,3103.9%
Jones County5846.9%8401.0%
Onslow County151106.6%34,4202.8%
Chatham County234146.0%14,0902.4%
Wayne County191115.8%7,3100.7%
Cherokee County15285.3%7,8102.1%
Gaston County230114.8%30,0601.3%
Currituck County2214.5%6700.5%
Lincoln County15974.4%13,7402.3%
Durham County303134.3%91,8801.5%
Craven County15563.9%6,3800.6%
Mecklenburg County628233.7%281,5551.9%
Nash County26393.4%21,9201.6%
Richmond County15053.3%21,8804.6%
Lee County8822.3%7800.2%
Warren County9022.2%5700.3%
Vance County7611.3%9600.2%

*2012 FHWA summary statistics are used for New Hampshire and Tennessee's deficient bridge totals due to significant discrepancies between FHWA summary statistics and the data in the NBI. The TN & NH county numbers reflect our analysis of the NBI and will differ slightly from the state totals in the national rankings. Click here for more info on the data.