The Fix We’re In For: 2015 Bridge Conditions

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Iowa Bridges

  • State rank
    3 of 51
  • Percent deficient:
  • Total bridges
  • Structurally deficient:
  • More/less deficient bridges since 2011:
    -4.6% better
  • Average age
    44 years
  • Average age - deficient bridges:
    69 years
Best Counties Deficient
Clinton County 3.5%
Osceola County 4.3%
Linn County 4.7%
Calhoun County 5%
Jackson County 5.4%
Worst Counties Deficient
Adams County 48.7%
Davis County 44.2%
Ringgold County 42.1%
Lucas County 39.9%
Van Buren County 39.6%

Deficient Bridges

  • 17%+
  • 12-17%
  • 7-12%
  • 0-7%

Do you drive on deficient bridges?

Updated with current 2015 data from USDOT. Enter an address to locate nearby bridges and see which ones are structurally deficient — bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

2015 State Reports

OREGON: Click to view the 2015 state report for Oregon. Released June 11, 2015

MINNESOTA: Click to view the 2015 state report for Minnesota. Released April 30, 2015

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2013 National Report Resources

Visualizing the 2013 numbers

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Please note: This infographic is sourced from 2013 data and accompanied our 2013 national report release.

Looking for our last national report?

Read the last national report from 2013. 11 percent of all U.S. highway bridges are structurally deficient— bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

Download the 2013 report.

Iowa Counties, Ranked by Percentage of Structurally Deficient Bridges

CountyTotal # bridgesDeficient bridgesPercent of bridges that are deficientAverage daily traffic on deficient bridges% of total daily bridge traffic on deficient bridges
Adams County1959548.7%4,86615.4%
Davis County2089244.2%6,75912.7%
Ringgold County25210642.1%5,45015.9%
Lucas County1987939.9%7,53512.8%
Van Buren County1646539.6%6,72019.9%
Taylor County2539537.5%2,98512.0%
Plymouth County53520037.4%34,8238.0%
Adair County31211235.9%8,4543.2%
Warren County2639335.4%56,95514.1%
Monroe County1455135.2%3,7208.4%
Clarke County1695733.7%3,4603.6%
Boone County1324433.3%23,35523.5%
Jefferson County1625433.3%5,7805.6%
Jasper County39913233.1%36,7065.5%
Wayne County1625332.7%3,25511.3%
Hancock County1524932.2%6,91613.7%
Guthrie County2768831.9%11,26519.1%
Tama County36011531.9%12,0658.3%
Madison County2277231.7%9,85011.9%
Union County1875730.5%5,7007.4%
Winnebago County952930.5%4,62515.0%
Keokuk County2076330.4%3,4857.0%
Page County2086129.3%8,15011.0%
Wapello County2076029.0%28,2158.4%
Lyon County2808128.9%11,30811.0%
Shelby County2356828.9%6,93510.2%
Worth County1143328.9%7,1225.4%
Appanoose County2035728.1%3,2595.2%
Audubon County2366628.0%4,2158.0%
Montgomery County2176027.6%7,0657.5%
Mitchell County1664527.1%11,71020.4%
Winneshiek County3589727.1%13,5979.4%
Poweshiek County2867726.9%34,91012.6%
Marion County2285925.9%11,3877.6%
Webster County2436325.9%7,9053.0%
Mills County1864825.8%8,2203.2%
Cherokee County2496325.3%11,41410.8%
Harrison County2215625.3%12,1873.9%
Cass County2917325.1%47,97014.7%
Woodbury County45511425.1%181,22015.6%
Franklin County2265524.3%10,8145.2%
Howard County2155224.2%2,5104.2%
Palo Alto County1363223.5%1,8854.6%
Iowa County2555923.1%9,4702.6%
Marshall County3127122.8%29,9359.2%
Humboldt County1002222.0%8,02014.8%
Washington County2184822.0%9,6043.8%
Wright County1944221.6%3,5013.4%
Decatur County2094521.5%8,7577.3%
Monona County1693621.3%17,64019.4%
Pocahontas County2124521.2%4,7857.9%
Clayton County2705721.1%10,68310.1%
Sac County2274821.1%9,31213.1%
Mahaska County2485221.0%2,7151.8%
Cedar County3096320.4%14,0443.5%
Butler County2835619.8%13,88011.2%
Muscatine County1462819.2%10,9505.5%
Fremont County1743319.0%9,3405.9%
Story County2955619.0%20,5392.5%
Dallas County1803318.3%38,9358.1%
Crawford County3085517.9%12,1656.8%
Hardin County2514517.9%18,3209.6%
Grundy County2754917.8%6,6103.4%
Bremer County2554517.6%13,2045.3%
Pottawattamie County5679616.9%60,8073.0%
Buena Vista County1572616.6%5,6058.0%
Buchanan County3155216.5%14,1504.7%
Benton County3645815.9%21,34010.1%
Ida County1822915.9%10,43514.1%
Jones County2483915.7%4,3702.4%
Emmet County771215.6%2,4057.5%
Cerro Gordo County2573915.2%38,5306.1%
Henry County1782715.2%1,0900.6%
Des Moines County1742614.9%12,7854.3%
Fayette County3575214.6%9,6136.1%
Floyd County2082913.9%8,1804.3%
Greene County1682313.7%9,21514.7%
Hamilton County1692313.6%3,0991.1%
O'Brien County2773713.4%1,5051.7%
Clay County1542013.0%7,6257.8%
Allamakee County1972512.7%2,6103.9%
Lee County2192712.3%11,3925.0%
Carroll County2733312.1%3,4202.4%
Dickinson County76911.8%2,9854.5%
Dubuque County3273811.6%18,0702.4%
Johnson County3614211.6%49,1273.3%
Louisa County1451611.0%3,5974.1%
Polk County5285811.0%289,5834.7%
Delaware County287289.8%9,5355.2%
Scott County289269.0%52,5053.2%
Kossuth County281258.9%6,1207.8%
Chickasaw County310278.7%2,2752.0%
Black Hawk County495428.5%47,4272.9%
Sioux County438317.1%11,6555.4%
Jackson County257145.4%2,7701.9%
Calhoun County200105.0%2800.6%
Linn County466224.7%29,3341.2%
Osceola County18784.3%3,6305.1%
Clinton County374133.5%2,6230.6%

*2012 FHWA summary statistics are used for New Hampshire and Tennessee's deficient bridge totals due to significant discrepancies between FHWA summary statistics and the data in the NBI. The TN & NH county numbers reflect our analysis of the NBI and will differ slightly from the state totals in the national rankings. Click here for more info on the data.