The Fix We’re In For: 2015 Bridge Conditions

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Florida Bridges

  • State rank
    51 of 51
  • Percent deficient:
  • Total bridges
  • Structurally deficient:
  • More/less deficient bridges since 2011:
    -11.7% better
  • Average age
    36 years
  • Average age - deficient bridges:
    53 years
Best Counties Deficient
Seminole County 0%
Pasco County 0%
Okeechobee County 0%
Martin County 0%
Lee County 0%
Worst Counties Deficient
Taylor County 12.6%
Baker County 11.2%
Holmes County 8.7%
Escambia County 8.6%
Calhoun County 8.3%

Deficient Bridges

  • 17%+
  • 12-17%
  • 7-12%
  • 0-7%

Do you drive on deficient bridges?

Updated with current 2015 data from USDOT. Enter an address to locate nearby bridges and see which ones are structurally deficient — bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

2015 State Reports

OREGON: Click to view the 2015 state report for Oregon. Released June 11, 2015

MINNESOTA: Click to view the 2015 state report for Minnesota. Released April 30, 2015

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2013 National Report Resources

Visualizing the 2013 numbers

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Please note: This infographic is sourced from 2013 data and accompanied our 2013 national report release.

Looking for our last national report?

Read the last national report from 2013. 11 percent of all U.S. highway bridges are structurally deficient— bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

Download the 2013 report.

Florida Counties, Ranked by Percentage of Structurally Deficient Bridges

CountyTotal # bridgesDeficient bridgesPercent of bridges that are deficientAverage daily traffic on deficient bridges% of total daily bridge traffic on deficient bridges
Taylor County951212.6%12,4656.0%
Baker County891011.2%6,5102.1%
Holmes County161148.7%5,8702.8%
Escambia County233208.6%75,1933.6%
Calhoun County4848.3%8,0559.3%
Clay County7767.8%8,0651.7%
Liberty County7767.8%2950.5%
Nassau County9377.5%20,3832.8%
Lafayette County2827.1%5511.3%
Monroe County10176.9%18,1232.1%
Levy County7556.7%2,2682.0%
Putnam County6845.9%1,5540.6%
Dixie County5535.5%1530.2%
Washington County9355.4%1,4040.7%
DeSoto County5735.3%4550.2%
Okaloosa County208115.3%72,5517.1%
Suwannee County3825.3%1,2620.7%
Bradford County6234.8%1,4950.6%
Columbia County11154.5%1,4940.2%
Jefferson County7134.2%3,3201.2%
Santa Rosa County18984.2%59,5507.3%
Wakulla County4824.2%1,0301.6%
Bay County12154.1%10,2001.6%
Gadsden County12354.1%8,0101.2%
Union County2813.6%2,2513.7%
Sumter County8633.5%6,1250.8%
Madison County5923.4%7320.2%
Highlands County6323.2%1060.0%
Volusia County21962.7%62,7872.2%
Broward County676162.4%125,4430.6%
Duval County736172.3%204,2651.0%
Flagler County9522.1%1,3130.2%
Walton County19542.1%5250.1%
St. Johns County11121.8%41,1002.2%
Miami-Dade County933161.7%68,3980.2%
Hamilton County6111.6%1,1380.4%
Manatee County19931.5%18,7740.6%
Leon County14621.4%26,0001.5%
Marion County6911.4%1550.0%
Palm Beach County58781.4%92,9380.7%
Hendry County7611.3%2100.1%
Hillsborough County77191.2%299,7381.4%
Lake County8811.1%11,0001.0%
Hardee County9611.0%4540.2%
Pinellas County40641.0%162,5792.0%
Indian River County11910.8%1010.0%
St. Lucie County14610.7%3000.0%
Sarasota County28720.7%3,5970.1%
Polk County34520.6%13,9250.4%
Charlotte County20310.5%2,5700.2%
Brevard County23410.4%8,1980.2%
Osceola County23410.4%25,0000.7%
Orange County69020.3%83,2000.5%
Alachua County11000.0%-0.0%
Citrus County4100.0%-0.0%
Collier County35400.0%-0.0%
Franklin County5300.0%-0.0%
Gilchrist County1100.0%-0.0%
Glades County5900.0%-0.0%
Gulf County6200.0%-0.0%
Hernando County5800.0%-0.0%
Jackson County14400.0%-0.0%
Lee County37000.0%-0.0%
Martin County12400.0%-0.0%
Okeechobee County6200.0%-0.0%
Pasco County11900.0%-0.0%
Seminole County14100.0%-0.0%

*2012 FHWA summary statistics are used for New Hampshire and Tennessee's deficient bridge totals due to significant discrepancies between FHWA summary statistics and the data in the NBI. The TN & NH county numbers reflect our analysis of the NBI and will differ slightly from the state totals in the national rankings. Click here for more info on the data.